Visiting The Museum Of The Future? Get Ready To Be Followed By A RoboDog And You Can Be The Lucky One To Name It!

by Deeplata Garde
Visiting The Museum Of The Future? Get Ready To Be Followed By A RoboDog And You Can Be The Lucky One To Name It!

Thinking to pass time in Dubai but in a creative way? It’s high time you plan your visit to the Museum of the Future. What’s in store for you? Oh, where do we start? Do you fancy robos? The good news for you as the Museum of the Future has introduced another robot to fascinate the visitors. After the Robo barista, the museum has a robodog roaming around greeting the guests.

The Robo Family Of The Museum Of The Future Is Expanding

A four-legged robotic dog is the newest addition to its burgeoning family of cutting-edge robotics. Previously we saw Ameca, the museum’s AI-powered humanoid, Bob the robot barista, the flying penguin, and the jellyfish. This Robo canine is the latest addition that we are loving right now.

The nimble robodog will have a 3D vision and move with 17 joints. The new artificial pet will be playable and interactive with attendees. Robodog is an intelligent robot with unusual agility for a robot. It employs machine learning to negotiate the terrain. It will wander the museum foyer, introducing itself to and interacting with everyone inside.

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What Do We Call This Robo Dog?

Pic Creds: Instagram/Museum Of the Future

Well, well, well, here comes the best part! Maybe you’ll get to name it. The public is being asked to name the robot dog by the Museum of the Future. People can provide name suggestions via the museum’s social media accounts.

The American technology company Boston Dynamics created the robot dog. It can balance on uneven ground and employs 360-degree awareness to map the landscape and avoid obstructions. The robodog’s base platform offers superior movement and sight to move through uneven terrains, such as stairs and gravel. It also gathers 2D and 3D data using onboard sensors.

Robos in the Museum Of Future are a great source of entertainment and learnings from the future.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Museum Of the Future