Inside India’s Boutique On Wheels. Yes, That’s A Shop Inside A Bus!

by Shreya Ghosh
Inside India’s Boutique On Wheels. Yes, That’s A Shop Inside A Bus!

What about shopping your heart out right from your doorstep? No, it is not anything about online shopping. Then, what is it actually? Say hello to “Boutique On Wheels”, providing surreal shopping experiences in Chennai. It is literally an entire shop decorated well with tons of options of outfits to choose from. So if you want to try to see your clothes IRL before purchasing but are too lazy to explore a market, this is just perfect for you!

Here’s A Virtual Trip Inside Boutique On Wheels In Chennai

The name of this most unique shopping bus in Chennai is PikBig. Covering a distance of 30 km every day, this boutique bus will reach your doorstep and will let you explore the boutique well and shop for anything and everything. To explore the Boutique On Wheels, you need to take a prior appointment beforehand. According to the appointments for the day, the bus sets its route every day accordingly.

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Karthick Gunabalan launched this one-of-a-kind venture after identifying a gap in the market. Online shopping is surely the easiest way to shop but there is something special about feeling the quality of your outfits before purchasing those. Shopping offline leaves no chances for improper fit or disliking the quality. Karthick identified this and took the decision to launch this exciting start-up named PikBig.

What More PikBig Has To Offer?

Started over a year ago, the boutique on wheels has a huge collection of tons of apparel options to choose from. Ranging from ethnic outfits to Indo-western outfits, the collection is great. You will get women’s garments options such as kurtis, leggings, sarees, t-shirts, and so much more. Trendy apparel from different brands and many designers is available in PikBig. They mostly source great-quality garments from Indian cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Surat. 

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PikBig and its exciting perks are surely worth giving a try. If you are in Chennai or will be visiting the city soon, make sure to check out the boutique on wheels. PikBig is truly a great experience and every shopaholic needs to give it a try!

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