Rupali Ganguly Worked As A Waitress And A Sales Girl In A Boutique Before Becoming A Household Name | Curly Tales

by Shreya Rathod
Rupali Ganguly Worked As A Waitress And A Sales Girl In A Boutique Before Becoming A Household Name | Curly Tales

Rupali Ganguly, or Anupamaa as most people know her, is not only an outstanding actress but also an amazing human being. While exploring authentic Bengali cuisine with our Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, in the show Tere Gully Mein, Rupali Ganguly revealed all about her journey in the industry, her father, and much more. 

Rupali Ganguly’s First Ever Debut Role

Kamiya Jani asked about Rupali Ganguly’s journey in the industry. Rupali Ganguly was born in the film industry. Her father, Mr. Anil Ganguly, was a National Award-winning director with many successful movies on his list of achievements. Her first role was at the young age of twelve in her father’s Bengali film Bolidaan. Despite her father’s wishes, Rupali decided to become an actor, as she thought acting was an easy job. 

Worked As A Waitress As Well

Rupali Ganguly
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She recalls the time when her family faced financial troubles. “There was a time when we were…short on money”, she said to Curly Tales.  Rupali Ganguly never shied away from working, even in a boutique as a sales girl. With the sole intention to help her father, she started working as a waitress. “I would do anything for my parents. Haan tab kaam kiya hai toh thik hai. Aisa kya hai. Har koi karta hai.” 

She recalls her time as a waitress and states that she used to get ₹180 per waiting. During her initial days, she used to walk from Worli to Juhu to save on bus fares.

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She, then, started doing plays at the age of sixteen. In one of her plays, Shobhaa De noticed her and recommended Rupali Ganguly for a show Sukanya. And her television journey started from that moment. When recalling her iconic role in Sarabhai VS Sarabhai, Kamiya Jani asked about Rupali Ganguly’s middle-class habits. She revealed she saves all the take-out plastic containers and makes rags out of old clothes. 

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To know more about our Anupamaa, be sure to watch the video linked above. 

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