Anupamaa Fame Rupali Ganguly Busts The Myth That Bengali Food Is Just About Fish & Non-Veg. Here Are Her Fav Veg Bengali Dishes | Curly Tales

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I’m sure Anupama from the show Anupama comes to mind whenever you see a woman standing up for herself and her rights. The recent episode of Curly Tales: Tere Gully Mein was blessed by the presence of actress Rupali Ganguly, who is ruling the hearts of people with her show Anupama. Our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani and the actress relished some luscious Bengali food at The Calcutta Club in Andheri’s Oshiwara and had a fun conversation over food.

Rupali Ganguly Talks About Her Favourite Bengali Dishes

Rupali Ganguly and Kamiya decided to feast on some lip-smacking Bengali dishes at The Calcutta Club, as Kamiya had never tasted authentic Bengali food. Before bringing in the feast, Rupali busted a common myth that many people have regarding Bengali food. She said that Bengali food, contrary to popular opinion, is not only about non-vegetarian dishes, especially fish. There are numerous vegetarian dishes in Bengali cuisine that taste divine. 

She said that she is very fond of Bengali vegetarian food, and the Durga Pujo bhog food is an emotion for her. Some of her favourite dishes are Shukto (vegetable curry), Chorchori (vegetable side dish), Chola dal, and Mochar Ghonto (banana blossom dish). These dishes, as well as some non-vegetarian dishes, were enjoyed by Kamiya and Rupali together. 

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Rupali Calls Her Home A House Of National Integration

Just like our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani, I am sure many of you must have mistaken Anupama for being Gujrati with her splendid character portrayal in Anupama. When asked about it, she said, “I am a mix!”. Rupali’s paternal grandma was from Burma, and her grandpa was a Bengali. Her maternal grandma was a Muslim, and her grandfather was Maratha. She is now married to a Punjabi. Rupali therefore refers to her house as a “House of National Integration.”

Rupali and Kamiya indulged in some fun conversations where Rupali shared her food preferences and life experiences with Kamiya. Curious? All you have to do is tune in to the latest episode of Curly Tales Tere Gully Mein.

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Do watch the latest episode and let us know how much did you like it!

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