What Indians Eat: 7 Delicacies Bengalis Eat For Breakfast

by Shreya Ghosh
What Indians Eat: 7 Delicacies Bengalis Eat For Breakfast

When it comes to a delicious spread of delicacies, Bengali cuisine is surely on that list. The aroma, taste, and versatility of Bengali cuisine are very unique and a treat to our taste buds, stomach, and heart. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are specific dishes that we Bengalis mostly prefer during a specific meal of the day. Today we are talking about the most loved dishes of Bengalis for the first meal of the day, breakfast.

Most Famous Delicacies Bengalis Eat For Breakfast:

1. Luchi

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Fulko luchi (soft fluffy flatbreads) taste heavenly. Bengalis are crazy for some good luchi and it tastes delicious with anything and everything. You can have it with Ghugni (chickpeas), Begun Bhaja (fried brinjal), Chholar Dal (Chana Dal), and a lot more. The most loved duo for breakfast is luchi-chholar dal and luchi-sada aloo’r torkari (white potato curry). Festival mornings are simply incomplete without gorging on these yummy foods.

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2. Radhaballabhi

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Radhaballabhi is one of the tastiest kachoris among the endless kachori menu of Bengalis. Stuffed with spicy lentils and deep fried in oil, Radhaballabhi is a must everywhere from household to wedding ceremonies. The best partner for this kachori is jhaal jhaal Chholar Dal or Aloo Curry.

3. Koraisutir Kochuri

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Koraisutir Kochuri is very similar to puris. These are stuffed with a not-so-spicy mixture of boiled peas and spices and then deep-fried in oil. With the winter season approaching very soon, Koraisutir Kochuri with Aloo’r Dom (Dum Aalo) will be a mandate in every Bengali household’s breakfast menu.

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4. Ghugni

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Ghugni is a spicy vegetarian preparation of boiled chickpeas, small potato cubes, onion, garlic, ginger, and some Indian masalas. You can never go wrong with ghugni as it tastes heavenly with a lot of things such as luchi, ruti, and porota. A bowl of ghugni with some chopped onions and chanachur steals the show always.

5. Panta Bhaat

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Panta Bhaat is an emotion for many Bengalis. Fermented rice with a mixture of spicy potatoes, onion, chilies, and a spoonful of mustard oil is all you need for panta bhaat. Only one breakfast can provide a bit of coolness in the summer season and it is panta bhaat.

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6. Dim Pauruti Toast-Chaa

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Another very common Bengali breakfast is Dim Pauruti toast with chaa. A cup of tea acts like fuel for Bengalis and pairing it with egg toast is such an amazing breakfast. It is very simple to prepare and takes only a few minutes.

7. Siddho Bhaat

If you are in the mood to taste something soulful, Siddho Bhaat is always FTW! Steam rice with spicy boiled potato, boiled masoor dal, boiled egg, and a teaspoon of ghee will soothe your soul. This is a very common breakfast for people who commute long distances daily, especially students.

Now that you know A-Z about Bengali breakfasts, which one are you trying first? Remember we have covered everything from festival delicacies to breakfast on a very busy day.

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