Instead Of 4.5 Hours, Bahrain-Mangalore Flight Reached In 48 Hours; Passengers Harrowed

by Shreya Rathod
Instead Of 4.5 Hours, Bahrain-Mangalore Flight Reached In 48 Hours; Passengers Harrowed

IndiGo is one of the renowned airlines in India, but recently, has been responsible for a lot of goof-ups. From sending the wrong update to delayed flights, you will find the airlines creating a lot of blunders. Recently, a flight from Bahrain took forty-eight hours to reach Mangalore and passengers shared details of their horrifying journey.

Bahrain-Mangalore Flight

IndiGo bahrain
Credits: Wikimedia

Travelling from Bahrain to Mangalore takes around four and a half hours, but this IndiGo flight took a total of 48 hours to reach its destination! The passengers travelling by the particular airline have shared details of multiple goof-ups by the airlines. Starting from Bahrain, the passengers stated that the flight was delayed and rescheduled twenty-four hours later. On top of that, the passengers were not provided with any kind of accommodation facility. That was the first blunder that the airlines had committed.

The next day, the flight was again delayed for two more hours as a passenger had failed to board the flight on time. This delay resulted in twelve passengers missing their connecting flight from Mumbai to Mangalore. They had to wait for 12 more hours to catch a flight from Mumbai airport.

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Passengers’ Frustration Over This Blunder

One of the passengers stated that this kind of goof-up is horrendous especially if you are in an unknown country. None of the passengers dared to raise a complaint against the airlines and it was only in Mumbai that they dared to say something against it.

The airline responded by stating that the Bahrain flight had faced a bird hit on arrival. Moreover, all the passengers were provided with meals, accommodation and assistance. And were accommodated on the next flight. However, they were sorry for the inconvenience caused to the passengers.

IndiGo has been committing a lot of errors like sending wrong flight updates. Actress Shwetha Menon also shared a post on Instagram stating the rude and irresponsible behaviour of the airline. Moreover, she has requested the authorities to look into the matter.

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