IndiGo Tells Shwetha Menon Flight Rescheduled; Actor Misses Flight Which Was Actually On Time

by Shreya Rathod
IndiGo Tells Shwetha Menon Flight Rescheduled; Actor Misses Flight Which Was Actually On Time

While taking a flight, you need to be updated about its current status. And the flight company has to make sure their passengers are given the correct information. A little mistake can make you miss the flight and not to mention the ticket is worth thousands of rupees. Though this is true, manual errors are not a surprise. Recently, the Indian Television actress Shwetha Menon shared her frustrating experience with IndiGo. Here are the details that you need to know about what happened with the IndiGo flight.

Shwetha Menon & IndiGo


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The Indian television actress Shwetha Menon recently booked a ticket on IndiGo from Mumbai to Kochi. The flight was supposed to leave at noon but she received a message from IndiGo stating that the flight has been rescheduled to 1:30 pm. When she reached the airport, the authorities stated that the flight already took off at the original time — noon! This was an utterly frustrating experience but not just for her. Apparently, 22 more passengers were stranded with her due to the wrong update.

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According to her Instagram post, the help desk at IndiGo was not particularly helpful. The lady was trying to accommodate every passenger on the 9:00 pm flight even though the 5:00 pm one was available. The staff was not ready to listen and was rude. Further, she even challenged the passenger to complain. Finally, after a lot of chaos, they were accommodated on the 5:00 pm flight.

Shwetha Menon further writes that at the Kochi Airport, two employees of IndiGo rendered a personal apology.

Mishaps & Miscommunication

This whole fiasco was due to miscommunication but the actress has requested the airline authorities to avoid such mishaps and situations. People have commented on the post and shared their bad experiences. One of them wrote that almost every flight has issues. He even shared his experience of attending a wedding with 13 other passengers and the bride.

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Another user pointed out the problematic situation with IndiaGo and the frequency of complaints against them. Have you ever travelled by an IndiGo flight? Share your experience!

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