Now Fly Directly From Nashik To Nagpur, Ahmedabad & Goa With IndiGo

by Shreya Rathod
Now Fly Directly From Nashik To Nagpur, Ahmedabad & Goa With IndiGo

Cities in Maharashtra are developing at a rapid rate. And to support this infrastructural growth, there needs to be better sources of travelling. IndiGo has started yet another new route! But this time it’s three new routes from Nashik. The airline is expanding its business and introducing direct flights from different cities. Take note of these new routes and their timings.

IndiGo Introduces 3 Direct Routes From Nashik!

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Credits: Wikimedia

IndiGo airline is starting a flight on March 15th 2023, that is Wednesday. Though currently, the airline is offering its services in cities like Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Goa, Nashik is a prime location for it to start a flight from. Therefore, IndiGo has decided to introduce a new route from Nashik to these cities — Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Goa. However, there is no direct route from Hyderabad to Nashik. But, there is one that goes via Nagpur. Moreover, these new routes enable the residents of Nashik to have an international route too. 

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The flight timings from Nashik to these three cities are as follows:

  • Nashik to Goa at 11:20 
  • Goa to Nashik at 13:40
  • Nashik to Ahmedabad at 15:45
  • Ahmedabad to Nashik at 17:50
  • Nagpur to Nashik at 9.15
  • Nashik to Nagpur at 19:35

Potential For Tourism

Credits: Canva

Nashik is the grape capital of India and is famous for its vineyards and wine cellars. The place is a famous tourist destination for those who love the craft of wine-making. Not to forget the large and beautiful vineyards like Sula, Soma, Vallonne Vineyards, and more. 

Besides wine and grapes, Nashik is blessed with wonderful waterfalls, like Dudhsagar, Dugarwadi, and Vihigaon; forts like Harihar fort and Tringalwadi fort. Moreover, you can find the relevance of this place in the epic of Ramayana. You can visit Panchvati and Sita Gumpha — both hold a significant place in the Hindu epic. 

It is one of the most visited places and a popular getaway for the residents of Mumbai. The amount of attractions that it hosts is the cherry on top. With the introduction of these new routes, the place can certainly flourish its tourism business. 

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So, now you can directly fly from Nashik to these cities!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia