Instead Of Patna, IndiGo Flight Takes Passenger To Udaipur, DGCA To Take Strict Action

by Shreya Rathod
Instead Of Patna, IndiGo Flight Takes Passenger To Udaipur, DGCA To Take Strict Action

What will you do if you are taken to Udaipur instead of Patna? Weird, right? Well, that is what happened with this passenger who boarded the flight thinking it will take him to Patna. IndiGo is known for making headlines for some absurd reasons. And this time they changed a man’s travel destination. Here are the details of what happened on this IndiGo flight.

IndiGo Flight Fiasco: Man Boarded The Wrong Flight

Credits: Wikimedia

A passenger identified as Afsar Hussain had booked a ticket to Patna. However, when he reached the Delhi airport, Afsar boarded the wrong flight and was taken to Udaipur. When he realised this, he immediately alerted the Udaipur officials. And then the flight flew him back to his original destination, Patna. This incident was reported on the 30th of January.

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DGCA Ordered Enquiry

Though this incident was purely an accident, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation ordered an enquiry. The question: how can a man whose destination is literally in the opposite direction board a wrong flight? Moreover, what were the airline authorities doing that they didn’t realise? According to the Director General, they are waiting for the enquiry report and strict action will be taken against the airline. On the other hand, IndiGo has apologised to the passenger and said that they are aware of the situation. However, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation is going to continue their inquiry.

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This is the second time such an incident has happened. Earlier a passenger who was supposed to land in Indore was taken to Nagpur instead. The airline authorities are supposed to check each and every detail of the flight tickets if there is a chance of such wrong boarding. Also, passengers need to be aware of their flight details while boarding a flight.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia