Passenger Complains Of IndiGo Flight Lacking Basic First Aid Kit, Given A Juice Pack Instead Of Ice For Injury

by Shreya Rathod
Passenger Complains Of IndiGo Flight Lacking Basic First Aid Kit, Given A Juice Pack Instead Of Ice For Injury

What would you expect from a top-class airline? Good service, decent behaviour and basic requirements, right? Moreover, things needed in an emergency, like first aid, are the least you could expect. However, IndiGo airlines made the mistake of not maintaining a decent first aid box and have now made headlines. Take a look at what happened with a passenger on an Aurangabad flight.

No First Aid On Flight

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Credits: Twitter/@blairbass77

This incident took place on an IndiGo flight that was travelling to Aurangabad. A member of the cabin crew opened the overhead bin, and unknowingly a walking stick fell on the passenger sitting below it and struck his lips. When he asked for an ice pack or a first aid kit, he was given a Paper Boat juice packet to ease his pain. He then took to Twitter and reported this incident. Further, he pointed out that it was totally irresponsible on their part to do so. Also, he mentioned that he wasn’t given first aid in the tweet.

Like any other classic response to such mistakes, IndiGo airline commented that it wasn’t good to hear this complaint and requested him to leave his PNR and contact details and a suitable time for them to connect.

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Public Redressal Forum’s Take On This Incident

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Credits: Twitter/@MNCDFbombay

Though the airline was trying to resolve this issue, the Citizen Welfare and Redressal Forum tweeted that it was shocking for IndiGo flight to not carry a first aid kit. Also, this deficiency of services will be addressed under the consumer protection act with other legal violations. As for the passenger’s tweet, there were several comments like ‘this happened to us as well’, ‘They have no remorse’, and so on. Flights need to have basic amenities like a first aid kit, after all, passengers are paying a hefty amount for their tickets. Also, this is a violation of many legal provisions as well.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia