Viral Video: IndiGo Air Hostess Says “I Am Not Your Servant.” As Passenger Fights Over Food Choice 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Viral Video: IndiGo Air Hostess Says “I Am Not Your Servant.” As Passenger Fights Over Food Choice 

A video from IndiGo aircraft is doing the rounds on the Internet. In the viral video, a passenger and an IndiGo air hostess are seen getting into a spat. The video, which is nearly a minute long, was captured by a fellow passenger and shared on Twitter. The heated argument took place mid-flight on IndiGo’s Istanbul-Delhi flight over food choices.

IndiGo Air Hostess And Passenger Argue Over Food

In a recent viral video, a passenger and air hostess were seen getting into a heated argument over food choices. The video features the air hostess while the passenger remains concealed. One of the crew members was serving the passengers food when the argument took place. The IndiGo air hostess tried to reason with the passenger over the onboard meal, but the passenger refused to understand.

She also requested that the passenger talk politely. The man continued to yell at her, which led to the end of the air hostess’s patience. She asked the passenger to shut up and mind his tone while talking to her crew member, who was crying because of him. The matter worsened as the passenger referred to the air hostess as a servant. She hit back at the passenger, saying, “I am not your servant, I am an employee.”

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CEO Sanjiv Kapoor Backs Up His Employee

The video went viral in no time and was shared by many people. IndiGo’s  CEO, Sanjiv Kapoor, said that he has seen crew members being slapped and abused over the years. He said that the incident must have been too much for the air hostess to come to a breaking point. He said that he hopes that his employee is fine after what happened.

IndiGo claimed to be aware of the situation and to be looking into it. The airline added that it is always a priority to give passengers a courteous and hassle-free experience. It was stated that the passenger displayed very bad behaviour towards its crew member, prompting the air hostess to intervene. 

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