‘Our Crew is Human Too’: Vistara Chief Shuts Down Man Critiquing Air Hostess Napping in Lounge

by Sanjana Shenoy
‘Our Crew is Human Too’: Vistara Chief Shuts Down Man Critiquing Air Hostess Napping in Lounge

Many of us might think that job an air hostess might be a glamourous one involving travel to luxurious places, enjoying a great pay, meeting influential people and whatnot. But more often than not, we might overlook their hectic schedules, jetlags and travel at odd times of the day. Recently a Twitterati took a picture of a Vistara air hostess napping at the Bangalore airport. He critiqued her for her behaviour, took a picture and posted it on Twitter stating that this situation can damage the image of Vistara airlines.  Vistara’s Chief Commercial Officer Sanjiv Kapoor had a befitting reply where he stated that their crew is human too. And this very response is gaining appreciation from people all over.

Picture Credits: apex.aero

What’s In It?

The agitated passenger shared a photograph of the air hostess napping at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda Airport lounge and even tagged the airlines. He wrote “Your cabin crew providing a negative image of Vistara airline @BLR domestic lounge on December 3. Please improve your image provided by the cabin crew.” Now you might think that the air hostess might have been reprimanded by her company for this. But the Vistara’s Chief Commercial Officer Sanjiv Kapoor reminded the user that his crew were only human.

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He further added in his tweet that Vistara doesn’t condone such photos being taken of their crew or customers without their permission. They don’t think its right to even take and post these photos on social media. Sanjiv Kapoor remarked that he felt that the Vistara crew are the finest in the industry and they are human too. And he suggested the user from doing the right thing by taking down the photo. Twitter users are applauding the Vistara chief for his empathetic nature and fiercely supporting his team.

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