This New Airline in New Zealand Is Taking Wine Tasting To New Heights

by Tooba Shaikh
This New Airline in New Zealand Is Taking Wine Tasting To New Heights

Is there anything more indulgent than sipping a delicious wine on a plush luxurious flight? A glistening glass of wine in hand and a beautiful pattern of clouds, as if arranged by hand, outside your window. If this is your ideal way to relax, then you are in luck! This new airline that is owned by a winery is just the thing for you. This New Zealand-based airline is all set to take off in 2023.

New Airline In New Zealand

Invivo Air, New Zealand’s new airwine err- we mean airline, aims to provide wine lovers with an all-new and unique experience. Invivo Air is the world’s first airline that is owned by a winery. The experience includes an 8-step wine tasting that is hosted by the co-founders of Invivo, Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron. This will be followed by a luscious dinner on the ground and a one-night stay at an equally magnificent hotel. Then, with the memory of an experience of a lifetime, passengers can take the returning flight back.

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More Details About The Flight

An array of award-winning and gourmet wines will be featured on the flight. Graham Norton wines and Invivo X, SJP are a couple of wines that passengers will get to taste. A round ticket to this experience of a lifetime will cost you around $1,094 AUD (₹60,413.26). However, the airline’s maiden flight which is to take off on the 31st of January is already sold out. But you needn’t be disheartened. Invivo will soon add more flights to its roster to cater to the growing demand. If you want to be notified when new flights are available, you can register on their website here.

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