10 Types Of Annoying Passengers We Find On An Airplane

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
10 Types Of Annoying Passengers We Find On An Airplane

Imagine you are on a flight and you have a sweet enough friendly neighbour beside with who understands aeroplane etiquettes and the long haul flight did not really feel that long in their company. Well, this can either be imagination or probably a movie scene or you might be just too lucky. This is because every flight has at least 3-4 annoying passengers to ruin your journey. Here is a list of such passenger types. 

God Forbid You Meet Any Of These Annoying Passengers While Flying

  1. Seat Kicker

      The ones who for some reason keep kicking your seat from behind. 

      2. Stinker

      The ones who have a bad body odour or stinky socks. 

      3. Loud Conversers 

       The ones who keep talking loudly without considering others’ space. 

       4. Recliner

       The ones seating in front of your seat and reclining especially without asking. 

       5. Tipsy Flyer

       Boozers who go beyond the limit can be annoying. 

       6. Chatterbox

       The ones who keep talking to you even when you are not interested. 

       7. Queue Jumper

       The ones who has zero patience and push others as they find their way out. 

       8. Armrest Owner

       These passengers own your armrest too not allowing you any possession over it. 

        9. Too Scented

        The ones who wear very strong cologne or perfume and are too much scented. 

        10. Snorer 

         The ones who snore very loudly while they sleep indirectly disturb others. 

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For The Next Time You Travel

If you yourself belong to any of these types make sure to bring in a little change in you so that the journey happens to be peaceful for your fellow passengers as well. Just like you might find some of the types here annoying and would wish for them to change so would others. 

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