Not Food, This Kolkata Hotel Has ‘Sleep’ On Menu With Pillows, Duvets, Sheets

by Shreya Ghosh
Not Food, This Kolkata Hotel Has ‘Sleep’ On Menu With Pillows, Duvets, Sheets

The 2-year-long pandemic took a toll on every person’s lifestyle. From our daily schedule to our sleep cycle, everything has taken a turn entirely. Though things are a lot better and coming to normal at the present moment, millions are facing problems daily. The most common problem that we are facing since Day1 of the pandemic is ‘sleep disorder’ and ‘inadequate sleep hours’. ‘ITC Royal Bengal’ launched ‘Sleeep Boutique’ where guests can have the best sleep with their sleep ensemble and sleep on menu.

Sleep On Menu Of ITC Royal Bengal

This luxurious hotel in Kolkata opened up a Sleep Boutique that focuses on the guests unwinding in serenity and getting quality sleep. The services here help the guests to sleep well and feel relaxed and rejuvenated. They launched retail where people can get their hands on huge options of pillows, duvets, sheets, beddings, and much more.

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Each and every product of this launch enhances the sleep quality and give people the best sleep experience. The best part of this boutique is that the visitors can even take their loved sleep accessories ack home. They focus on initiatives such as proper decibel level in the room, calming lighting for relaxation, music channels with songs that help to fall asleep, perfect shower pressure, and much more to give you a blissful experience and help you sleep better.

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Price Of The Various Initiatives Of This Sleep outique

  • You need to pay ₹10,500 (inclusive of tax) for ‘Supersoft Basics’.
  • For Feather Collection’, you need to pay ₹25,000 (inclusive of tax).
  • Lastly, pay ₹32,000 (inclusive of tax) for ‘SLEEP Collection’.