Domino’s Delivery Driver Demands Tip Before Delivering The Order, Video Gets Viral

by Shreya Ghosh
Domino’s Delivery Driver Demands Tip Before Delivering The Order, Video Gets Viral

What do you do when you receive any order on your doorstep? The delivery executive delivers the parcel followed by confirming the payment and then asking for the tip. Well, things did not go exactly this way this time. A video of a US Domino’s delivery driver is going viral worldwide and the reason behind this clip has left Netizens divided. Well, what is the reason and why are there so many comments on this? Let’s find it out!

This Domino’s Delivery Driver Demands Tip Even Before Delivering The Order

In the viral video, it can be seen that the delivery agent asks the customer for tips even before handing over the food. Now, this is something very unusual as most delivery agents take the tips after they are done delivering and confirming the payment. When the customer replied with a no when she was asked for the tip before the delivery, the Domino’s delivery driver showed her car. The delivery woman pointed to the car to show that the customer can drive to the pizza shop and buy the food instead of asking for home delivery without giving any tip.

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The Conversation Started Heating Up!

The customer responds to the rude delivery agent that she placed an order to deliver to her doorstep “for the convenience”. Right after this, she said, “thank you! Have a good day, take care” and starts shutting the door. Not getting any tips has surely made the driver infuriated. She even said, “come get it you know, next time!”.

The customer was able to document this bizarre interaction with her CCTV and later she shared the clip on her social media. It got viral soon and has tons of comments with different opinions. Netizens had their opinions and take on the clip. In fact, you won’t be able to find the original video online as it has been taken down.

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What do you think of this bizarre incident between the customer and Domino’s delivery driver? Who do you think was right in this viral clip?

Cover Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Doobie Duke Sims