Two Men Arrested For Creating Nuisance After Drinking On Dubai-Mumbai IndiGo Flight

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Two Men Arrested For Creating Nuisance After Drinking On Dubai-Mumbai IndiGo Flight

The series of passengers drinking in the flight and creating nuisance has probably not ended yet. In the past few days, we have seen many such cases, and here is another one. Two passengers on the Dubai-Mumbai flight got drunk mid-flight and abused the crew members and fellow passengers. Both were later arrested for causing a disturbance on the flight. The incident took place on Wednesday on an Indigo flight. 

Nuisance On Dubai-Mumbai IndiGo Flight

An FIR was registered against two passengers on board the Dubai-Mumbai flight. The two passengers on the IndiGo flight were identified as Dattatray Bapardekar, 47, and  John G. Dsouza, 49. Both passengers are from Maharashtra. 

As reported by The Times of India, the two men boarded the IndiGo 6E 1088 flight from Dubai, which departed at 8 am. John and Dattatray were seated on 20-B and 18-E, respectively. As soon as the flight took off, the two passengers opened the liquor bottles they bought from duty-free shops and started drinking

The co-passengers objected to their continuous drinking on the plane. The two men did not like this and began hurling abuse at the passengers. They also hurled abuses at the crew members who intervened. 

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Complaint By Crew Member Was Registered

Senior cabin crew member Mandeep Singh registered a complaint against the two flying on the Dubai-Mumbai flight. She said that, despite being warned, Dattatray went to the last seat and began drinking again. She warned them about legal actions that might be taken against them, but they paid no heed to it. 

They walked to and fro in the galley, hurling abuses. She then took the bottle from them, for which they verbally abused her. Mandeep informed the captain about the incident, and the two were arrested as soon as the flight reached Mumbai. 

The two men were detained and charged with endangering the life and safety of others in accordance with IPC Section 336. They were also charged with assault and intoxication under special aircraft regulations.

John and Dattatray were heading to Mumbai and were celebrating a year of working in the Gulf by consuming drinks bought from duty-free shops in Dubai. Dattatray is a resident of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, and John resides in Nalasopara. 

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