International Destinations That Will Pay You Up To ₹24 Lakhs To Settle There!

International Destinations Pay
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 1580

Travelling to a foreign country usually involves saving up loads of money for flights, sightseeing and more. But what if we tell you that some of these international destinations will actually pay you back for settling there, that too in lakhs? All you have to do is follow some procedures. While the rules will vary for different countries, to help you understand them better, we’re jotting down the gists. Here is a list of international destinations where you can set foot and get paid in return:

Calabria, Italy

The sea-locked Italian village Calabria will pay you for moving there and starting a business. The village is ready to pay ₹24.75 lakhs to those who are ready to relocate to the island for three years. The interested applicant needs to be below 40 years of age. To know more, click here.

International Destinations PayLincolnshire, UK

You can get paid to stay in the UK if you take up the job of harvesting cabbage and broccoli in T H Clements and Son Limited located in Lincolnshire, London. And the salary will be a lucrative ₹2598 per hour. So if you work 8 hours a day for 5 days in a week, you take home around ₹1,03,923. To know more, click here.

International Destinations Pay

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Germany is on the quest for skilled workforces from all over the world. Under the Long-Term Residency Permit, the country will allow job seekers to stay in the country for six months. When the applicant gets the job after a period of six months, the individual will receive a German work visa too. To know more, click here.

International Destinations Pay

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In which destination among these are you planning to move in? The slots are limited and they might get full in no time. So, hurry up and get your CVs ready!

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