IRCTC: This Is How You Can Check Vacant Seats And Claim One On A Running Train Without TC 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
IRCTC: This Is How You Can Check Vacant Seats And Claim One On A Running Train Without TC 

No matter how far in advance you book your tickets, there is no guarantee that you will get confirmed train tickets. This happens especially during vacation time, when everybody is trying to book tickets. Many times, we have to travel with waiting tickets and run behind TTE for vacant seats. But not anymore, here is how you can check for vacant seats even on a running train. 

Check Vacant Seats On IRCTC App

I am sure that many of you think that once the train chart has been prepared, there are no chances of you getting a confirmed ticket. Hence, they travel with waiting tickets or run behind TTE to help them get vacant seats. 

The vacant seat feature on the IRCTC app helps one know if there are any vacant seats before the chart is prepared. But now you can easily find out about vacant seats in a running train, both in AC and sleeper 

All you have to do is download the IRCTC application on your smartphone and check the new chart vacancy feature. This feature will help you get the entire layout, indicating the vacant seats in the train. 

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Download The App And Follow Some Easy Steps 

You can download the IRCTC application from the Play Store. Now open the application and click on the train icon. The next option is to click on the chart vacancy. Now you have to add details like the train name and number.

Now select the boarding station, and your screen will now show you all the vacant seats in your train, if any. 

You do not have to create an IRCTC account, just like you have to for booking a ticket. All you need is the name of your train and its number!

The IRCTC app has made travelling super easy and convenient for passengers with options like ticket booking, food delivery, a wake-up alarm, and more!


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