Twitter User Asks To Name Good Snack Combos Like Chai & Parle-G, Netizens Shared Their Fav Ones

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Twitter User Asks To Name Good Snack Combos Like Chai & Parle-G, Netizens Shared Their Fav Ones

Have you heard the phrase, ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’? Hey, not the movie! In Hindi, when two people are made for each other, people commonly use this phrase for them. Well, this phrase is not only restricted to people but also food combinations. There are many snack combos that taste heavenly together, like chai and Parle-G. A Twitterati used the same reference and asked people to share their favourite combos, and the answers gave us cravings!

Twitter User Asks To Name Snack Combos

A Twitter user, @MsAnjaliB shared a picture of Parle-G biscuits and chai on her account. She captioned the picture and asked people to name snack combos that were as good as the one she posted. 

Netizens began posting pictures of their favourite snack combinations, and they literally made us crave almost all of them. There were various combinations shared by netizens that were universal and loved by almost everyone.  The dishes recommended by people actually feel like they are made for each other. This is because the absence of one of them makes the other taste incomplete. 

Ask any South Indian from Karnataka and they will recommend you this heavenly combination. Goli Baje is a fried item made using various flours and curd, KT is Kalladka Tea is a famous and unique layered tea.

Talk about the monsoon in India and you cannot enjoy it without kanda bhaji or onion fritters and tea!

Chai and mathri is also a lovely combo. Mathri is crispy savoury crackers and a favourite among Rajasthani people.

Hungry? Try chi and bun maska. It’s one of the most simple yet the most delicious snack combos we have.

Have you tried Aamras and Kurodi? No? It’s worth a try!

Moodless? Tired to cook? Grab rotis and chai!

Keralites will surely agree with this post!

Is it even snack time if you don’t have Gathiya with chai for Gujaratis?

Some Combinations Are Simply Inseparable

Netizens flooded the comment section with emojis agreeing that Parle-G and chai are one of the best snack combinations. One user agreed to the post and also recommended she and others try dipping the biscuit in water.  

Nothing like Mumbai-style cutting chai!

Another user gave out probably everyone’s favourite combo as he wrote that he prefers Popcorn with Coke before 8 pm and Chicken tikka with booze after 8 pm.

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Which is your favourite combo? Let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: @MsAnjaliB/Twitter