Is Kolkata’s Famous Patuli Floating Market Becoming A Ghost Town?

by Shreya Ghosh
Is Kolkata’s Famous Patuli Floating Market Becoming A Ghost Town?

If you are from Kolkata, you surely have heard about the iconic Patuli Floating Market. After inaugurating it in the year 2018, the market became a famous hangout spot in the city. From kids to young people to elders, everyone visited here in huge numbers to see what a floating market is all about. But it seems like the place is slowly losing its charm and the number of visitors is decreasing as well. Why is everything going south here?

This Place Became A Major Hit Overnight!

Twitter user 🇮🇳 सिद्धार्थ चक्रवर्ती 🇮🇳 (@ischakraborty) took to the microblogging site to share some beautiful images of this unique market in Patuli. These are some pictures from 2020.

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It took a budget of ₹10 crores to build this market. Developed by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority, this place was bustling with crowds and shoppers a few years ago. There was a time when this was just like any other market thriving with customers, shopkeepers, noise, and a huge crowd. Many people purchased their daily essentials like vegetables from here. Not just vegetable and fruit shops, there were small tea stalls, shops selling fritters, beautifully-decorated boats, and more. In fact, many visitors travelled to Patuli to get a glimpse of India’s first floating market. The footfall of visitors and locals was huge back then and the shopkeepers were doing great business as well. But the present situation here is completely opposite to what it was before.

Kolkata’s Patuli Floating Market Is Losing Its Charm

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Picture credit- 🇮🇳 सिद्धार्थ चक्रवर्ती 🇮🇳 Twitter @ischakraborty

Things were going great for about 2 years. Unfortunately, things took a turn here in 2020. The rise in sales started seeing a decrease and slowly it took a major dip. First, the lockdowns and restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be a difficult time for the shopkeepers. This distressing situation was further badly impacted by Cyclone Amphan. This huge cyclone destructed the place badly.

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Though re-construction at a budget of ₹3 crores was done post-cyclone, it was not enough to ignite the market like before. Another reason for lessening visitors here is the lack of maintenance. According to a report by the Indian Express, the bridges of the market are in a dilapidated condition. People are finding it a bit dangerous to visit here. No proper focus is given to cleaning the market premises.

The glory of the floating market is diminishing day by day. We hope proper renovations begin soon here and shopkeepers get to do proper business like before.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ 🇮🇳 सिद्धार्थ चक्रवर्ती 🇮🇳 (@ischakraborty)