#ContestAlert: Gorge On Meat Endlessly At Boston Butt This Sunday

by Natasha Monteiro
#ContestAlert: Gorge On Meat Endlessly At Boston Butt This Sunday

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A proper brunch involves two things – reconnaissance and a large appetite! I decided to test out my theory at the fairly hyped Boston Butt Brunch in Kala Ghoda.

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the boston butt

What Is It?

No matter how large your appetite or how big a foodie you are, there’s only so much that an average person can eat. The Boston Butt Brunch is made for the average appetite with extraordinary cravings. They have a set menu which includes cocktails, plates to share, a raw bar, small plates, large plates and dessert.

Video Tour of Boston Butt #InAMinute 

 Have you seen the 60-second video that sums up the ambience, interiors & the brunching experience at the Boston Butt?

No? Then we suggest you scroll up & watch the video!

The First Look

The brunch has plenty of natural light spilling over creamy, wooden interiors. The windows are a stark black against the background. The entire space is reminiscent of South Bombay charm. Add to it some great live music and you know the place has got its vibes down pat. It also has plenty of photo opportunities (thanks to all that natural light) so take some time out to go click-click!


What To Eat?

The Boston Butt prides itself on its South American fare and the vanity is visible all through the curated menu. Almost every dish is an ode to revolutionizing the smokery and charcuterie. Obviously, there’s A LOT OF meat to offer but it would be absolutely unfair to not give due credit to the vegetarian options. I didn’t try too many, so I’m not going to comment much on it.

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The Good Stuff:

The Bloom Bread – Made of burnt garlic, yellow cheddar, gouda and scallion. This is like manna from heaven. I loved it, my friends not so much but I’m still going to put it right up here in the good stuff because it would be unfair to not taste this.

Smoked Chicken – Another one of my favourites. What I really enjoyed about it is that it falls under the ‘small plates’ category and the dish does it full justice. It’s not too heavy on your tummy and has garlic cloves lightly scattered all across.

New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp – if I sound like I’m raving, you need to excuse me because this dish deserves it. The plating is rather disappointing which makes that first bite even more awesome! My expectations were not too high and the first crunch of prawn blew me away. I called my server to ask him about it and he told me that this was a mass-favourite. DO NOT MISS THIS!

Half Pounder Buffalo Burger – What’s a review of a place that shouts out South American fare if a half pounder doesn’t make it to the good stuff? Every bite is heaven! You better pray that you didn’t gorge on all the starters, because this one is going to need some tummy space.

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Half Pounder Burger
The Half Pounder Burger
Food at The Boston Butt
Food at The Boston Butt

The Not So Good:

You can probably give the bourgeois P.I.G. and the batter fried catfish fingerlings a miss.


What To Drink?

A big shout-out to every one of the brunch special cocktails. It’s the best way to start your brunch. The beerita and the poshicles are not just your average cocktails. They add an element of fun to your meal and set the tone of your brunch. You can’t go wrong from here.

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What Else?

Do we recommend the Boston Butt? Yes, we whole-heartedly do! The service is excellent, the food is delicious and the place is fab.

Curly Tales Verdict: 4.5/5

Timings: Sunday, 12pm – 4pm

Address:  1st floor, Rampart Row, Near Rhythm House, Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai

Contact: +91 9892447669, 022 69470000

Price: INR 2300 for food and beverage (domestic liquor only)
INR 2900 for food and beverage (international liquor)
INR 1800 for only food
INR 1200 for only domestic liquor
INR 1800 for only imported liquor

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