Is There A Pyramid In Antarctica Under All That Ice? Conspiracies Rife After Image Goes Viral

by Shreya Shriyan
Is There A Pyramid In Antarctica Under All That Ice? Conspiracies Rife After Image Goes Viral

Conspiracy theories have seemed to be gripping the world for ages. Especially when it comes to theories about the Bermuda Triangle, Titanic and the lost city of Atlas. But now, adding itself to the list may be the new pyramid uncovered in Antarctica. Here’s what we know so far about the latest “wonder.”

New “Pyramid” Uncovered In Antarctica

A new pyramid has been discovered, or rather “rediscovered” in the icy regions of Antarctica. But, what’s the reality of this pyramid? Are the conspiracy theorists really on to something? Let us answer your questions. 

People on social media are convinced that the pyramid is the world’s “latest wonder” after images of it went viral. Some were quick to say that it was the infamous “Illumanti’s” work. While some believe that the pyramid was “moved from Egypt.” The “pyramid” first momentarily featured on Netflix’s “Pepsi, where’s My Jet?” documentary and has since gained fame.

The pyramid is located in the Ellsworth Mountain Ranges of the Antarctica region. But before you book your tickets to see the pyramid, you might want to re-route your tickets back to Egypt. Because *drum roll please* It’s not really a pyramid. 

Sorry to “melt” your expectations, but at least for now, the world will have to do with just 7 wonders. The bizarre structure is a feature of glaciated areas known as ‘pyramidal peaked mountains’’. Which is a scientific reality, and not the work of aliens.

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What’s The Truth Of The Mysterious Structure?

Dr Mitch Darcy, a geologist at the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, explained the mystery of the pyramid. He said that the rocky peaks protruding above the ice come as no surprise, reported Daily Mail. 

These peaks are composed entirely of rock, and it’s coincidental that this particular peak has a pyramid shape. He clarified that it’s not a complex shape, making it a non-special coincidence. In geological terms, it’s referred to as a nunatak, stated the report. 

A nunatak is a peak of rock rising above a glacier or ice sheet. However, as per the reports, this pyramid shape does not indicate any human construction involved or you know, alien. So, if you were headed to Antarctica, we’re sorry.

The Ellsworth Mountains, which make up the highest mountain range in Antarctica, constitute a chain of mountains stretching 350km in length and 48km in width. They are positioned in a north-to-south arrangement on the western edge of the Ronne Ice Shelf.

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Lincoln Ellsworth discovered these mountains during a trans-Antarctic flight from Dundee Island to the Ross Ice Shelf in 1935. Notably, the mountains fall within the Chilean Antarctic territorial claim, reports Daily Mail.

Cover image courtesy: Google Earth Photos