Viral Video Shows What A Typical Workday In Antarctica Looks Like; Netizens Express Disbelief

Typical work day in Antarctica
by Mallika Khurana

When we think of Antarctica, we think of snow—a lot of it. Even when you Google it, all the landscapes in Antarctica are covered in a thick white blanket of ice. However, it is not as simple and beautiful as we think it to be. Bringing to light the extremities of this snowy continent, a video recently went viral on social media. It showed what a ‘typical workday in Antarctica’ looks like.

This Video Of A Typical Workday In Antarctica Went Viral

This video was met with a lot of surprise and got a lot of views quickly. However, most people were misled by what they actually saw. Photographer and videographer Tomasz Kurczaba, the head of the 47th Polish Antarctic Expedition, shared this video on his Instagram handle. At first glance, everyone believed that a person attempted to board a moving train in the middle of the snow. Take a look yourself and see if you see the same.


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Doesn’t it remind you of the Polar Express? Surprisingly, it is not even close to our imagination. In truth, this video only shows a person trying to shut the door of a house during a snowstorm. Yes, there is no train! The blizzard outside evidently made it really hard for him to shut the door.

The harsh winds outside even made things inside the house shake, making us believe it was an actual moving train. Posted on May 8, this blizzard video has gathered 24.6 million views until now. A lot of people commented on the post, expressing their surprise. While most of them suspected it to be a train, some even wanted to know if they were ultimately able to shut the door or not.

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Tomasz Kurczaba Shed More Light On His Experience There


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Just two days ago, Tomasz posted another video of him exploring the cold lands of Antarctica. In the caption, he elaborated on the kind of patience that is required for people to sustain themselves in these harsh conditions. He talked about the last time he was there for a year and a half and how the experience made him immensely patient. But now that he is here in a new role with seven people under him, he looks forward to maintaining more calm.

This surely looks like a lot of thrill. Would you want to spend a year there as well?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Tomasz Kurczaba