Ishaan Khatter’s Owl Mimic During Heads Up Game Proves His Stunning Acting Skills | Curly Tales

by Sanmita A
Ishaan Khatter’s Owl Mimic During Heads Up Game Proves His Stunning Acting Skills | Curly Tales

In the recent episode of Sunday Brunch On Curly Tales, Kamiya Jani engaged in a fun conversation with the Phone Bhoot cast, Katrina Kaif, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khatter. The three had super fun as Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief engaged them in sharing their stories on shoots and how they got along with each other. Kamiya even got them together to play a game or two, where we could gather how talented these actors are. Read on to know more.

Ishaan Khatter’s Acting Skills Are On Point

Ishaan Khatter

As they got into playing heads-up, the three seemed quite acquainted with the game and got almost everything right. What took us by surprise was how Ishaan enacted being an owl with so much precision. When it was Siddhant’s turn to guess the word, Ishaan totally had us with his acting skills. And surely, Siddhant guessed it right. Ishaan Khatter appeared with tremendous energy in the interview. Be it Kaif, Siddhant or Ishaan, each one’s energies were infectious. Ishaan totally felt like a party starter, and he readily agreed to it in one of Curly Tales interviews.

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Phone Bhoot Cast & Their Eating Habits

When asked about their Sunday Brunch, Katrina, Siddhant, and Ishaan named all the rich dishes and Indian food options. Parathas, halwa puri, kachori, jalebis and more are a few of the dishes these actors love to relish during their cheat days or at least when they enjoy a lazy Sunday Brunch. While Bollywood actors are super cautious about maintaining their diet, they ensure that they eat everything proportionally.

Even while arranging the Sunday Brunch with Curly Tales, we ensured we got the favourites of the actors. As for Ishaan, we got his pasta, which he loves.

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