Israel-Palestine Unrest: US, France & Other Countries Warned Against Travel To Israel & Lebanon

by Shreya Rathod
Israel-Palestine Unrest: US, France & Other Countries Warned Against Travel To Israel & Lebanon

The Israel-Palestine conflict is the longest conflict of the 21st century. On October 7, when Hamas launched an attack from Gaza, Israel declared war! Residents of Israel and the Gaza Strip are suffering greatly as a result of the situation. Additionally, regional instability has other knock-on effects, some of which affect those who want to visit this country. In fact, several countries have issued a travel advisory for their respective citizens against visiting Israel and Lebanon.

US, France & Other Countries Have Warned Against Travel To Lebanon

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The United States Of America stated in the alert released that owing to the unstable security situation, it will permit family members and some non-emergency US government officials from the embassy in Beirut to voluntarily evacuate the country.

Further, the advisory states that US residents should stay away from protests and use caution if they must be near any sizable gatherings or protests, as some of these have descended into violence. Major thoroughfares between downtown Beirut and the location of the US Embassy as well as between Beirut and the Rafic Hariri International Airport have been blocked by protesters.

The security situation in Lebanon is still tight, and several airlines have cancelled flights. Additionally, France joined other Western nations in issuing a travel advisory Tuesday to its people advising them to stay away from the country. Due to turbulence at the border, Swiss International Air Lines announced Monday that it was halting flights between Switzerland and Beirut initially until October 28.

According to Britain’s travel advisory, the situation in Lebanon can quickly deteriorate without any warning. Family members of workers have been temporarily removed by the British Embassy. They have warned against any travel to some areas of Lebanon, especially the border regions, and against all travel to the rest of Lebanon unless what is absolutely necessary.

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The unstable security environment and the military conflict with Israel are the reasons Canada has advised its people to stay away from non-essential travel to Lebanon. Additionally, Spain has recommended against unnecessary travel. Due to the security situation, Australia has recommended its people to reconsider their need to travel to Lebanon.

Germany, Too, Issued Travel Advisory Against Travelling To Israel

israel travel advisory
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Due to an increase in violence, Germany has advised its nationals from visiting Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, or Israel. The risk posed to the safety and welfare of German nationals in these areas is highlighted by this travel advice, the highest level ever issued by the German government.

The German Foreign Ministry has expressed its deep worry and vowed to support any of its citizens who choose to leave Israel or the Palestinian territories. Germany issued a travel advisory in response to the uptick in violence following the large terrorist strikes on October 7. The ministry explained on X that situations, when there is an immediate threat to a person’s life and physical safety, are normally reserved for the use of a travel alert of this size.

Germany had previously issued a travel advisory for Lebanon’s specific districts as well as the Gaza Strip. German authorities are assisting their residents who want to escape certain locations.

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Commercial travel choices are being offered as aid. Additionally, 2 German Air Force aircraft have been sent to bring back residents of Israel.

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