It Is Not Even Monsoon Officially Yet And Mumbai’s Coastal Road Is Already Leaking

The Mumbai Coastal Road is leaking as water can be seen dripping from the tunnel's roof at many places.

by Tashika Tyagi
It Is Not Even Monsoon Officially Yet And Mumbai’s Coastal Road Is Already Leaking

The engineering marvel of Mumbai, the Coastal Road is leaking! According to reports, the tunnel roof of the Mumbai Coastal Road was dripping and the paint had also chipped off at several places due to dampness. This is especially concerning since the monsoon season is yet to arrive. It has raised questions about what the condition of the tunnel road would be once the infamous Mumbai rains shower over the city.

Mumbai Coastal Road Shows Signs Of Leakage

Mumbai Coastal Road leak
Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

Mumbai’s Coastal Road on Monday showed signs of leakage in its tunnel section. Water could be seen dripping from the tunnels’ roof and paint chipped off at various places due to the dampness. There were also many dark spots on the wall with drip lines from the roof to the floor. If that wasn’t enough, then the constant leakage also formed a pool towards the Marine Drive end of the tunnel – about 100 metres from its exit.

This is deeply concerning since the monsoon season hasn’t even arrived in the city yet. According to the officials, the leakage has been going on since Sunday morning. There were efforts to stop the leakage but it only increased on Monday. The reason for this leakage on the Mumbai Coastal Road is still unknown.

While talking to the Hindustan Times, Girish Nikam, Chief Engineer Of The Coastal Road Project had mentioned that they have noticed a dampness in the wall that has been coming through the construction joints. While they were not sure about the cause of these leaks, they will look into it after the traffic slows down on the road after 11 PM.

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When Water Entered Haji Ali Coastal Road’s Pedestrian Underpass

Mumbai Coastal Road leak
Image Courtesy: Internal

Earlier in April, tidal waters entered the Haji Ali Coastal Road’s pedestrian underpass. At that time, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation officials said that they would come up with a plan to ensure that no such incident happens in the future. They have worked to install a hump at the mouth of the pedestrian underpass. This coupled with a 1,200 mm pipe hump pipe parallel to the pathway from the promenade towards the seaside would help ensure that no water is collected on this road.

During the construction of the Mumbai Coastal Road, officials have claimed that the tunnel was made waterproof using grouting. They did mention that additional grouting may be required now, but they will have to inspect the leaks before making that judgment.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/MTHL & Internal

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