Italy’s Florence Airport Will Have A Vineyard On Its Roof; Now, Sip Wine & Fly

Airports have emerged as more than mere hubs of transportation.

by Tejashee Kashyap
Italy’s Florence Airport Will Have A Vineyard On Its Roof; Now, Sip Wine & Fly

Nestled atop the bustling activity of Italy’s Florence Airport lies an unexpected oasis, a vineyard now. At first glance, cultivating grapes above an airport runway might seem implausible. Travellers arriving at Florence’s Amerigo Vespucci Airport (also known as Peretola Airport) will be treated to a vista of a 19-acre vineyard that slowly slopes upward toward the new international terminal from their window seats.

Florence Airport Got A Vineyard

Tuscany is famous for its great wines and is one of the world’s best wine areas. Combined with the area’s superb cuisine, the area is a well-liked travel destination for fans of Italian cuisine and beverages. The new airport will be built a short distance northwest of Florence’s downtown, and work is scheduled to start this year and finish in phases by 2026. The view of the greenery crowning the structure will be available, spaced throughout the 38 rows of live grapes on the roof.

The 19-acre vineyard will rise gently, mimicking the undulating hills of Tuscany in the distance. The airport will no longer be an eyesore from tourist destinations in the capital city; instead, visitors will be able to glimpse the grapevine that hides the terminal below, a symbol of the area’s rich wine heritage. The design comes from Rafael Viñoly Architects, a firm located in New York. Rafael oversaw the design of several projects, such as the Carrasco Airport, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Tokyo International Forum.

The vineyard can become the quintessential representation of the Tuscan countryside. Additionally, the decision will enable the airport to blend in perfectly with the surrounding area. Given how much of the landscape in and around Florence has vineyards.

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Airports Are The New Design Grounds

Gone are the days when airports were nondescript terminals, indistinguishable from one another in their monotony. Airports have emerged as more than mere hubs of transportation. They are the new architectural marvels.

Changi Airport in Singapore has a butterfly garden and a rooftop swimming pool. Kempegowda International Airport in India has an extensive garden network; and Portland’s new airport, which is scheduled to open in May, was built primarily out of local wood. These architectural marvels redefine the very notion of what an airport can be. From architectural marvels to cultural landmarks, airports now serve as dynamic spaces.

So, what do you think of this vineyard design at Florence Airport?

Cover image credits: Website/Rafael Viñoly Architects