It’s Pride Month! You Shouldn’t Miss 8 Best Pride Events Happening Around The Globe; Dates Inside

It's the month of love and equality!

by Ankita Mazumdar
It’s Pride Month! You Shouldn’t Miss 8 Best Pride Events Happening Around The Globe; Dates Inside

We love love, periodt! Rolling into June, the Pride month, it is colourful and bright with countless Pride flags swaying in the wind and streets becoming lively, chaotic yet full of love and PRIDE! LGBTQIA+ community, put on your fanciest boots, some feathers and so much more to express your authentic self by celebrating equality, rights, freedom and love with these lovely Pride events around the world.

Celebrate Pride 2024 With 8 Best Pride Events In The World

1. New York City Pride

One of the most talked about Pride parades in the world is the NYC Pride march. USA Pride dates back to 1970 after the Stonewall Uprising and this year it celebrates its 55th anniversary. This year’s theme is ‘Reflect. Empower. Unite.’ and is all set to have a vibrant and wonderful carnival of love with thousands of participants. Enjoy the ultimate LGBTQIA+ street fair with PrideFest alongside Pride Island.

When: June 30

2. Bangkok Pride March

The month-long celebration includes flamboyant parties, events, parades and more throughout. The Pride month in Bangkok commenced with Bangkok Naruemit Pride 2024 on Saturday and the next day was Bangkok Pride March. For this year’s Pride Festival in Bangkok, the aim is to legalise the enactment of the Equal Marriage Act. This would entitle Thailand as the first Southeast Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage!

When: June 1 – 30

3. Toronto Gay Pride

Every year, Toronto is a vibe during the glorious Pride Month! It is not just a parade but a street fair packed with queer artists and drag queens with Trans Pride, Dyke March and Pride Parade. Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is an avid supporter of Pride and can be seen celebrating with citizens. You do not want to miss the extravagant Pride affair of Toronto!

When: June 27 – 30

4. São Paulo Brazil Gay Pride Parade

Welcome to the world’s largest Pride parade with the São Paulo Brazil Gay Pride Parade! This festival nearly had 3 million attendees last year! The celebrations commence at the São Paulo Museum of Art after the Corpus Christi annual holiday with people heading over to gay bars and clubs to keep the party going. People go out of their way to dress up and express themselves freely in the spirit of Pride.

When: May 29 – June 2

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5. Paris Gay Pride

The world’s most romantic city regally celebrates love with Marche des Fiertés LGBT, also called Paris Gay Pride. People from all over the world come to celebrate Pride with their loved ones, clad in vibrant yet cool attires. The entire pride event looks like a glitter bomb exploding with love, affection and acceptance! There are many exciting events lined up for Pride month and the Marais district known for its LGBT spots has so much to offer.

When: June 27- 30

6. London Pride

London streets come alive with Pride flags unfurled and non-stop LGBTQ+-themed events, parties and celebrations. It is a way to commemorate Pride Month along with the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots. This Pride festival is also one of the monumental events for June with people dancing, singing and honouring with utmost happiness. 

When: June 28 – 30

7. Metro Manila Pride

It began back in 1984 and is the first gay Pride event in Asia! Starting from parties to cultural events to street fairs and more, this Pride is a festivity of love but also a protest. A protest for equal rights and freedom from discrimination in the country. Most of the local bars, nightclubs and many other supportive outlets celebrate Pride with pride .

When: June 29

8. Vienna Gay Pride

This Pride event and festival includes a gay beach and a gay village! Rathausplatz is going to witness the vibrant celebrations of love and equality after a gap of four years from June 6th to 8th. Exciting events that enrich the experience of Pride are Pride Run Vienna, Andersrum ist nicht verkehrt and Rainbow Parade. Make sure you are on the lookout for these.

When: May 25 – June 9

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So, which exciting Pride event is calling out your name?

We wish a happy Pride month to all those who celebrate!

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