Jackie Shroff Relishes A Delicious Vegetarian Thali; Says “Recipe Chahiye Toh Batana, Bhidu!”

by Tooba Shaikh
Jackie Shroff Relishes A Delicious Vegetarian Thali; Says “Recipe Chahiye Toh Batana, Bhidu!”

Jackie Shroff is a name that every Indian movie buff knows all too well. He has starred in some of the most iconic movies of all time and his name will surely be on the list of the most iconic Bollywood actors. His indelible mark on the film industry remains even today. Recently, he took to his Instagram account and shared a delicious vegetarian farm-to-table meal. He even gave it a quirky caption. But Netizens spied something unappetising in his thali!

Jackie Shroff Relishes A Delicious Vegetarian Thali


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This beloved dynamic actor has won hearts on screen. His distinctive locution has won him many admirers. He recently posted a short video on Instagram where he showed off his delicious vegetarian thali. He went on to show his followers all the content of his thali.

It consisted of a scrumptious Karela Sabzi, a potato sabzi, a bowl of dal, some freshly cut cucumbers, some boiled Chanas, and a bowl of kadhi. All in all, it looks like a healthy, delicious and wholesome meal. What makes it even better is that the caption informs us that the meal is directly from the farm to his table.

This means that his meal has the least amount of preservatives or harmful chemicals that are usually sprayed on food items. He relished this wholesome meal with two chapatis. He even gave it a fun caption and said “recipe chahiye toh batana, bhidu!”

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Netizens Spy Something ‘Kaala’ In His Dal

Jackie Shroff
Image Credits: @apnabhidu/Instagram

While the meal seemed wholesome, a few eagle-eyed Netizens noticed something ‘kaala’ in his dal; not metaphorically, but literally. While others were busy asking for the recipe for his delicious thali, a couple of commenters were quick to point out that his vegetarian thali was not that vegetarian after all.

For a split second in the video, you can notice a fly or a mosquito-like insect floating in his dal. And while the rest of the meal seemed good, this particular detail, ‘bugged’ many.

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Have you ever had a mean that was straight from farm to your table? Would you want to? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @apnabhidu/Instagram