Jaipur Vendor Makes Fruit Golgappa & Serves With Chutneys; Netizens Say, “70 Rupee Barbad”

Have you tried something like Fruit Golgappa before? If not, you can give it a go in Jaipur.

by Shreya Ghosh
Jaipur Vendor Makes Fruit Golgappa & Serves With Chutneys; Netizens Say, “70 Rupee Barbad”

A new day comes with a new video of a street vendor using completely opposite ingredients to make a unique dish, or shall I say bizarre? This time, a vendor from Jaipur joined the trend and made a snack using different fruits and golgappa. His creation is a plate of Fruit Golgappa and I do not know how to react to it.

Video Of Preparing Fruit Golgappa Goes Viral

Taking to Instagram, Harshit Khandal )) JAIPUR FOOD (@jaipurhunger_stories) shared some clips of a vendor preparing a plate of golgappa loaded with different kinds of fruits.

In a small and well-decorated food cart located next to a road, the vendor serves different kinds of dishes. He has surely decorated the place well and also dresses up like a chef with a chef coat and a hat. The vendor also focuses on hygiene and makes food by wearing face masks and hand gloves.

To make this plate of fruit golgappa, he starts the process by chopping many fruits. He cuts small portions of apple, dragonfruit, and pineapple into small pieces and adds everything to a bowl. Next, he places 6 golgappa on a plate and adds a stuffing of the freshly prepared chopped mixed fruits. To garnish the plate, he also adds some types of flavoured yogurt, chutney, pomegranate, and slices of beetroot, and sprinkles some masala on top as well.

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Netizens Are Not That Interested In This Snack

Fruit Golgappa
Picture credit- Instagram/ Harshit Khandal )) JAIPUR FOOD (@jaipurhunger_stories)

There is no denying Indians’ endless love for relishing golgappa, pani puri, phuchka, and more such street foods on the streets. However, the question is are most people actually interested in trying this fruit golgappa? Looks like the answer is a NO! Instagrammers have poured the comment section with their reactions to this reel and most Netizens dislike this idea itself.

Someone commented, “Bhagwan se daro yaar”. A Netizen wrote, “70 rupee barbad”. Another Instagrammer commented, “Fruits aur patashi dono bekar kardi”. There is someone who has actually tried fruit golgappa and her review can help you to decide if you want to try it. She commented, “Tried it last night. Not good at all. I won’t recommend this”.

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Interestingly, a few people like the idea of fruits stuffed in a golgappa and call it a healthy combination. Some even expressed their interest in trying this and asked for the address of the vendor and the price of this food item.

People of Jaipur, have you tried fruit Golgappa from this stall? If yes, did you like it or not?

Where: Right Corner of WTP, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

Price: ₹70

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Harshit Khandal )) JAIPUR FOOD (@jaipurhunger_stories)

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