Jaisalmer Station’s Spectacular Revamp In Progress; Features, Cost, Completion Dates & More Inside

Discover a transformative journey with state-of-the-art facilities, cultural charm and more.

by Mallika Khurana
Jaisalmer Station’s Spectacular Revamp In Progress; Features, Cost, Completion Dates & More Inside

In the heart of Rajasthan’s famed Golden City, Jaisalmer, a transformative project is underway at the Jaisalmer railway station. Renowned globally for its tourist allure and strategic significance, this station is witnessing a massive overhaul under the Amrit Station Scheme. The renovation is being led by the Railway Department. With an investment exceeding ₹110 crore, this endeavour aims to seamlessly blend heritage and modernity, elevating the station to new heights.

Jaisalmer Station’s Makeover Unveils Surprises

During a recent visit to Jaisalmer, the General Manager of North Western Railway, Amitabh, personally inspected the station’s redevelopment progress. Emphasising the importance of this project, he directed efforts towards the station’s transformation, overseeing the completion of auxiliary buildings such as staff quarters, MCO, parcel, crew lobby, and other essential structures. According to News 18 reports, the ambitious goal is to wrap up the station’s redevelopment by October 25, 2024. The new station will be a blend of Rajasthani heritage and contemporary amenities.

Spanning approximately 48,000 square metres, the redevelopment encompasses a grand vision, housing the main station building within an impressive 8,327 square metres. Once completed, this station will boast an array of modern facilities. From elevators, escalators, a foot-over bridge, and state-of-the-art waiting rooms to a shopping complex, an executive lounge, advanced lighting systems, and a food court, all are designed to enhance the traveller experience.

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A Golden Blend Of Heritage And Modernity

Not stopping at just revamping infrastructure, the project is committed to sustainability. Plans include the implementation of energy-efficient solutions like green building practices, renewable energy sources, waste management, rainwater harvesting, and the installation of eco-friendly solar power plants. This green initiative not only reduces energy consumption but also promotes environmental stewardship.

Beyond catering to tourists with modern amenities, the revamped station will serve as a hub for army personnel, offering contemporary facilities for their commutes. As per News 18 reports, railway officials are dedicating significant attention to ensuring the seamless execution of this project. This renovation is significant for both travellers and the strategic interests of the region.

The redevelopment of Jaisalmer station is poised to redefine travel experiences, offering a harmonious blend of heritage, modernity, and sustainability.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ministry of Railways/X

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