Jammu & Kashmir’s Ramban Sulai Honey & Bhaderwah Rajma Get GI Tags, Have You Tried Them?

by Tooba Shaikh
Jammu & Kashmir’s Ramban Sulai Honey & Bhaderwah Rajma Get GI Tags, Have You Tried Them?

The regions of Jammu and Kashmir are famous for a number of reasons. From being an amazing tourist destination to having a unique culture that warrants exploration, the regions are a must-explore for all travel enthusiasts. The regions also have a number of items and products that are unique to or originated from this particular place. Two of these, Ramban Sulai Honey and Bhaderwah Rajma have recently gotten GI tags!

Ramban Sulai Honey And Bhaderwah Rajma Get GI Tags

The Sulai honey is sourced from the Ramban district of Jammu and Kashmir. It has a milky texture and is one of the most famous products of the region. It is sourced from the Chenab Valley. The Bhaderwaj Rajma, too, is similarly locally produced and incredibly popular.

The Rajma or Rajmash are distinct from regular rajma in that they are slightly smaller than the regular ones. These Rajma also are slightly sweeter in taste. It is produced in the Chinta Valley of the Doda district which is close to the Bhaderwah region.

These two items that have originated in Jammu and Kashmir have finally received the Geographical Indications or the GI Tag. A GI Tag is a form of intellectual property rights. It prevents a local item from being imitated as its identity gets linked to the geographical locations that it came from.

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Some Uses Of These Items

Sulai or Tulsi vana honey has a unique colour, texture and fragrance. It is white in colour and is used in treating many ailments. It is also said to improve one’s immunity which helps in fighting off diseases.

Bhaderwah Rajma, too, has a number of health benefits. It helps in lowering blood sugar levels. It is also rich in dietary fibre and has a lot of protein. GI-tagging these items has been deemed as a positive move.

It will improve the economic growth of Jammu and Kashmir and will contribute to its prosperity as getting these items from their place of origin will be the only way of being sure of their quality.

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Cover Image Credits: @DrJitendraSingh & @dcramban/X (Formerly, Twitter)