Japan’s Sumo Wrestler Yoshinori Tashiro Weighing 180 Kgs Shares His Diet & Love For Butter Chicken | CT Cares Ep 25

by Tonakshi Kalra

Japan is a country that’s known for its politeness, advanced technology, honesty, and of course, sumo wrestling. On this episode of CT Cares, we speak to the famous Sumo wrestler, Yoshinori Tashiro on how things are in Japan and what it takes to be a Sumo Wrestler. He also tells us about his love for Indian food, especially Butter Chicken. We also speak to Executive Director of Japan National Tourism Organisation, Yuseke Yamamoto to find out the current revival status of Japan, when it’s going to open its doors to Indian travellers and advanced sanitisation techniques used in their Bullet trains. They both also talk about Japanese lifestyle, Sumo matches, Cherry Blossom and much more!