Jee Karda Star Aashim Gulati Reveals His Fave Momo Place In Delhi & Why Everyone Must Try It Out

Aashim Gulati very confidently told us that he loves the food of Delhi over Mumbai, anytime.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Jee Karda Star Aashim Gulati Reveals His Fave Momo Place In Delhi & Why Everyone Must Try It Out

On this lovely episode of The Bombay Journey X Sunday Brunch, the cast of Jee Karda – Aashim Gulati, Tamannaah Bhatia and Suhail Nayyar, joined Mashable India’s Siddharth Aalambayan and Curly Tales’s Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani. While for this Sunday Brunch, our focus was on yummy Parsi food, we couldn’t help but talk about the street food of Delhi and Mumbai. Both cities have great options for street food to offer. Let’s find out which one Aashim Gulati likes.

Aashim Gulati Reveals His Fave Momo Place In Delhi

Our guests were two Delhi Mundas and one Bombay girl so the topic of food and food habits was bound to be a crucial conversation point! Kamiya invoked the Delhi v/s Mumbai debate. Everyone giggled a bit because they knew there was no turning back from it. Aashim Gulati was asked what his favourite street food in Delhi is. His answer was one word which satisfied Delhiites to the core! Can you guess what he said?

Aashim Gulati just couldn’t control himself and expressed his love for, wait for the drumroll… momos. He told us that he loves to eat from the popular stall in Delhi, Dolma Aunty. Just as he mentioned this name, the people who had the pleasure of eating momos from here, rejoiced in his love for it. Ardent followers of Curly Tales who are from Delhi, tell us how you found out about Dolma Aunty in the comments below.

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He Said That The Magic Is In The Chutney

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Kamiya was quick to tell Aashim Gulati that now there were multiple outlets of Dolma Aunty in Delhi. To which he replied, “Haan haan, ab toh badi ho gayi hain na aunty.” He then explained that her stall was right behind his house in Greater Kailash and the delish red chutney along with her juicy momos was “unparalleled.”

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Siddharth said that the chutney was the showstopper of this dish and everyone agreed. Aashim then clearly stated that it was the red chutney in the momo plate that stole the show, hence everyone should try it. The spicy-ness lingers after you are done eating it; feels great absolutely.

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