Jordan’s Jerash Festival Of Culture & Art: Dates, Events, Performances & More, All You Need To Know

by Deeplata Garde
Jordan’s Jerash Festival Of Culture & Art: Dates, Events, Performances & More, All You Need To Know

The city of Jerash in Jordan is a fantastic site to visit at any time of year. However, in July, Jerash becomes a centre for cultural and traditional practises, as well as a variety of shows. The 37th Edition of the Jerash Festival of Jordan will witness the greatest musicians, performers and heritage experts from a plethora of cities in the Middle East and other global countries. The festival will be oozing with traditional practices & performances.

37th Edition Of Jerash Festival Of Jordan

The 37th edition of Jordan’s Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts will be starting from July 26 to August 5. It will feature the participation of various Arab artists and performance teams. Many countries will be highlighting their regional arts and cultural traditions. Every year, artists and entertainers from all over the Arab world gather in the historic city of Jerash to take part in the festival. The festival was founded in the year 1981.

Since then, the festival has become a major cultural landmark in the Middle East and abroad, attracting over 100,000 guests each year. Folklore dances by local and foreign groups, ballet, concerts, dramas, opera, popular singers, and sales of traditional handicrafts are all part of the festival, which takes place in the magnificently floodlit dramatic settings of the Jerash ruins.

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List Of Countries That Are Participating In This Festival

The 37th Edition of the Jerash Festival will have performers and visitors from the Middle East & beyond. The participating countries are:

  1. Jordan
  2. Lebanon
  3. Tunisia
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Syria
  6. Egypt
  7. Morocco
  8. Palestine
  9. Spain
  10. Italy
  11. Korea
  12. Japan
  13. Georgia

Here Are The Top 10 Performances that would take place at this event.

  1. Najwa Karam
  2. Artist Khaled Abdel Rahman
  3. Bayat Choir
  4. Suonno D Ajere Band
  5. Artist Diana Karazon
  6. Artist Muhammad Khair Jarrah
  7. Marwa Nagy
  8. Erisioni
  10. Al-Ahly Club of Circassian Folklore

So will you be attending the ongoing Jerash Festival in Jordan & experience the best of Saudi & other regions’ cultures and traditions?

Cover Image Courtesy: FB/Jerash Festival