Julia, A Cooking Robot Can Prepare Lip-Smacking Indian Meals From Scratch

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar1377

Ready-to-eat meals sure make our lives easy but nothing can beat freshly prepared home-cooked meals without any additives. And while we cannot squeeze in the time for cooking in our busy schedules, we can surely get this robot home who is an expert in cooking Indian meals. Yes, you heard that right. An Indian startup from Bengaluru named Nymble has created a cooking robot Julia to make your life better.

The Robot Cooks A Variety Of Indian Meals

This automated cooking robot can cook a variety of Indian meals for you. Mannu Amrit shared a series of short videos on Twitter where you can see him pick a recipe from options like chicken curry, rice kheer, curd rice, gajar halwa, and finalise on paneer bhurji.

The Cooking Robot Has A Loading Screen To Display The Status Of The Food

He added cut veggies in containers that measure weight to ensure only the appropriate amount is added to the dishes. Next, he inserted those containers in the oven-like unit, along with water, oil. He then inserted spice pods for adding flavour to the dish. The cooking robot did the rest of the job while also displaying a loading screen for the food to become ready. He also shared some behind-the-scenes footage displaying how a wiper-like attachment moved around the pan and sauteed the vegetables and paneer evenly.

While cutting veggies and other preparation took 5-10 minutes, the dish was ready in 25 minutes.

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