Jump Scares, Ferris Wheel, Golgappe & More! That’s How An Evening At The Global Village With Insta Icon Nagma Mirajkar Went Like

by Deeplata Garde
Jump Scares, Ferris Wheel, Golgappe & More! That’s How An Evening At The Global Village With Insta Icon Nagma Mirajkar Went Like

The launch of the 27th season of Global Village marks the arrival of Dubai’s most anticipated period of the year. And to begin this season, Nagma Mirajkar, India’s most talented social media star explored the venue with us. From shouting her lungs at the Horror House out to filing her stomach with some Emirati food, here’s how Nagma spent her evening with Curly Tales ME at Global Village.

The Journey From Business Development Manager To India’s Popular Instagram Icon

Very few of us know that India’s celebrated dancer, Nagma Mirajkar started her career as a Business Development Manager for a hospital. She unveiled the deets of her early days when she struggled between blogging on WordPress and handling her  9 to 5 job. Her decision to shift to Youtube appeared challenging and hence she went on to try displaying her talent on a social media platform called Musically. Today we all know her by multiple titles like an Instagram star, dancer, makeup aficionado and so much more. The ride on the Ferris wheel opened up a lot about her personal life. Her constant battle with online hate, meeting the love of her life and how her parents reacted to her decision to quit her job.

Nagma Finds Solace In Dubai


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Nagma co-relates between Dubai and Mumbai and calls the Emirate her second home. Her love for the live atmosphere and shopping makes her visit Dubai multiple times. She is no guest of the Arabic language used here because of her family’s gulf background. The content creator had an absolutely thrilling experience at the House of fear and enjoyed the bird’s eye view of Global village from the Ferris wheel.

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The Foodie Connection

The model who walked the runway for Archana Kochhar, a big name in the fashion industry absolutely hates to diet. She prefers eating out and never forgets to visit the golgappa stall at the Pakistan Arena of Global Village. She enjoys her food especially Mandi rice when in the Emirates. So we took her to get her tastebuds tantalized by some Emirati food. Nagma loved Turkish Baklava with Icecream and also gave Luqaimat a try.

After trying out the abaya and checking out the oud, the evening was concluding at the diner. We played a rapid-fire with Nagma. She opened up about how she has been homesick and wants to go back home and eat home food despite her love for eating out. She spilled some life secrets while playing the sober version of Never Have I Ever with us.

So that’s how an evening full of fun and food came to an end with Nagma Mirajkar at the 27th Global Village Festival.

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