Just 140 Km From Warangal, This Lesser-Known Bogatha Waterfall Is A Must-Visit Monsoon Wonder

by Tejashee Kashyap
Just 140 Km From Warangal, This Lesser-Known Bogatha Waterfall Is A Must-Visit Monsoon Wonder

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Telangana, India, lies a hidden gem known as Bogatha Waterfall. On Sunday, the picturesque Bogatha waterfall reopened to the public. It was closed for about ten days owing to excessive rain and flooding in the surrounding villages. Adorned with nature’s splendour, Bogatha Waterfall is a captivating sight that entices travellers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Bogatha Waterfall Is Also Known As Telangana’s Niagara

Surrounded by lush greenery and undulating hills, this waterfall is a part of the Godavari River basin. Its remote location adds to its allure. Adventure seekers and nature lovers are willing to venture off the beaten path to witness its majestic grandeur. When the monsoon season is in full swing, the falls look especially beautiful.

Numerous visitors came to the waterfalls on Sunday, excited to view the cascading waters and the lush green surrounds. The forest officials took preparations in order to avert unwanted situations. Also, the route between Pasra and Tadwai was temporarily restored.

Located at Koyaveerapuram village of Wazeed mandal in the district, during the monsoon season, the waterfall comes alive. There’s increased volume and vigour, presenting a more captivating display of nature’s power. Despite its remote location, Bogatha Waterfall has been gaining popularity among tourists. It has gradually emerged as a prominent ecotourism destination in Telangana.

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Untouched Natural Splendour Around

The waterfall flows gracefully from a height of approximately 30 meters, cascading down in multiple tiers, creating a stunning visual spectacle. The crystal-clear waters plunge into a serene pool, inviting visitors to take a refreshing dip or simply bask in the tranquillity of the surroundings.

One of the remarkable aspects of Bogatha Waterfall is its relatively untouched and pristine environment. The region’s abundant flora and fauna add to the magical ambience, making it an ideal habitat for various bird species and wildlife.

For adventure seekers, the journey to Bogatha Waterfall itself is an experience to cherish. Trekkers and nature enthusiasts can explore scenic trails and undulating terrains. The trek offers breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscape amid lush greenery, small streams, and vibrant wildflowers. All of these add to the allure of Bogatha.

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