Just Turned 18 And Wanna Start Your Own Business In UAE? Here’s How Emiratis Can Get Started

by Deeplata Garde
Just Turned 18 And Wanna Start Your Own Business In UAE? Here’s How Emiratis Can Get Started

Working in UAE has a range of benefits be it for a citizen or a resident. But it depends if you want to have a job or start your own business. Well if the latter sounds like a ‘you’ plan then we might help you set one with some guidance. So, if you are a young individual looking to turn your passion into a working setup then read below to understand how to do business in UAE.

Start Your Business In UAE With Zero Experience At The Age Of 18!


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Did you have different plans than the majority of the population in UAE? Did you wish to do a business rather than pursue a job the moment you step out of college? It doesn’t even matter if you didn’t go to college. But if opening your business was your idea then it can be a reality now. If you are 18 and a resident or a citizen of UAE, you are then eligible to apply for a business license in UAE.

No experience? No worries! This UAE government platform makes applying for a business license a piece of the cake. You have nothing to worry about! Just brainstorm an idea that you think would definitely work out for you and you are good to go!

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Let’s Recall The Process To Simplify The Application For Business In UAE

Business in UAE
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  1. Visit the eservices website of the UAE Government.
  2. Apply for a new license.
  3. Wait for approval from the government.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The applicant doesn’t necessarily need a degree or equivalent experience in any field.
  2. The individual need to be of 18 years old with valid documents to prove the age.
  3. Applicant should be a resident or a citizen of UAE.
  4. No requirement for parents’ or guardians’ approval to obtain the license.

See, it’s not at all tedious to apply for a new business license. There are certainly a few other ways to start your business setup. Also as per the sources, if you want to start a business in consulting aspects then you might have to undergo certain examinations to prove your excellence to provide the services. Otherwise obtaining a license for Business in UAE is not at all a lengthy process.

Let’s wait for some more deets regarding such licenses and permits in UAE.

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