K-Pop & K-Drama Fans, Check Out This Korean Dosa Filled With Ramen & Cheese. Umm, Hides Face!

by Sushmita Mahanta
K-Pop & K-Drama Fans, Check Out This Korean Dosa Filled With Ramen & Cheese. Umm, Hides Face!

Social media is lately a platform where food enthusiasts experiment with the nastiest combos. And if you are a K-Pop or K-Drama fan, a recent Korean fusion dosa recipe might interest you. Or are you going to be disgusted by it? Well, let’s see!

Instagram food blogger @sooosaute, has gone viral with her unusual Dosa made with Ramen and cheese filling recipe. Yes, you heard it right! While some people totally dismissed the weird combo, a lot of others showed interest in trying it out! Read on to know more about how Instagram food blogger @sooosaute’s Korean dosa recipe is leaving the internet divided.

Instagram Food Blogger Shares An Unusual Dosa Recipe With Ramen And Cheese Filling

Recently, a video uploaded by Instagram food blogger @sooosaute is in the limelight. The video is of a Korean dosa recipe and while most people are disgusted by it, some are cheering on the food blogger for being innovative. The video opens up with the chirpy food blogger spreading the dosa batter on a pan. She then goes ahead and cooks a pack of ramen and stuffs the dosa with it. To lessen the spice, she also adds a cheese slice on top. The video ends with the blogger wrapping up and taking a bite of the Korean dosa as she calls it. Her caption reads, “Korean fusion dosa.” Take a look at the video here:


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Internet Reacts To The Korean Dosa Recipe

The Korean fusion dosa has left the Internet divided. The recipe video has more than 150K views and 8.7K plus likes. However, it’s the comments that reveal viewers’ reactions to it. Numerous users were seen cringing at the idea of the dosa with ramen filling. One user writes, “Kuchi bhi combination… Are u mad doing this u are insulting Korean Dishes and Indian Dish also… U are doing worst for the likes and followers…. Kuch bhi … ….” Another adds.”Cant u eat food normally? Dosa and ramen are my two fav things but what the fuck is this?😭” A few enthusiastic users were seen dropping positive comments like, “Try same ka stew wala new variant it’s hadh se zyada spicy but masttt🔥.”

Now that you know about this unusual Korean fusion dosa with ramen and cheese filling, are you going to try it? Do let us know in the comment section below!

Feature Image Courtesy – Instagram/@sooosaute