Kabhi Main Fruit Tha, Ab Main Alcohol Hoon! 9 Fruits That Turn Into Alcohol Ultimately. How? It’s Inside

by Mallika Khurana
Kabhi Main Fruit Tha, Ab Main Alcohol Hoon! 9 Fruits That Turn Into Alcohol Ultimately. How? It’s Inside

When you first learnt that wine is made from grapes, a beloved fruit, it definitely must have been a surprise. Who would have thought such sweet fruits could be poured into glasses and we wouldn’t be able to stop sipping on them? Now, it is no surprise that fruits can be turned into alcohol through a process called fermentation. But are grapes the only ones you can turn into booze? Certainly not! Curious to know more about fruits that turn into alcohol? Read on to learn all about it.

Most Sugary Fruits Can Be Turned Into Alchohol

How to make wine
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Many fruits can be turned into alcoholic beverages. Technically, bacteria and yeast react with the sugars present in fruits. Hence, most fruits with a high sugar content can be turned into alcohol. In fact, the alcohol content of the liquor provided greatly depends on the amount of sugar in the fruit. The higher the sugar, the more alcoholic the liquor will be.

Here are some fruits that can be turned into alcohol:

  1. Grapes are commonly used to make wine. 
  2. Apples are used to make cider, which is a type of fermented alcoholic beverage. 
  3. Pears can be used to make pear cider, or perry, which is similar to apple cider but made from pears.
  4. Various berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, can be used to make fruit wines or infused spirits.
  5. Plums can be used to make plum wine or plum brandy. 
  6. Peaches are used to make peach wine or peach brandy. 
  7. Cherries are used to make cherry wine or cherry liqueur. 
  8. Pineapples can be used to make pineapple wine or pineapple rum. 
  9. Bananas can be used to make banana wine or banana brandy.

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Try This Process At Home

How to ferment fruits
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Here’s how you can turn fruits into alcohol at home:

  1. Take a clean bucket and put the sweet, fresh, and ripe fruit of your choice in it.
  2. Crush the fruits in the bucket to bring out their natural sugars and ease the fermentation process.
  3. If you feel your fruit of choice isn’t sweet enough, add some sugar to the bucket.
  4. If convenient, add a yeast strain to the bucket to start the fermentation process. You can also depend on the natural yeast in the fruit.
  5. Cover the bucket with a clean cloth and place it in a room with a stable temperature.
  6. Let it sit and ferment for a few days or a few weeks to achieve your desired alcohol content.
  7. Once the fermentation is complete, strain the fruit alcohol a few times and bottle it to enjoy later.
  8. You can also let it sit some more and age it for a more developed flavour profile.

Yes, that’s how easy it is to turn fruits into alcohol! Try this process, and thank us later.

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