A 4-day Itinerary To Seoul, South Korea By Kamiya Jani

by Pratiksha Acharya

Kamiya Jani recently travelled to South Korea and discovered the soul of Seoul in 4 days! Here’s everything you need to know to discover the capital of South Korea.

Day 1

As soon as Kamiya landed in South Korea, she headed to get herself a Wifi router which allows you to connect to three of your devices which means that you don’t need to activate your roaming. And it even gives you super high-speed internet so you don’t have to sit around waiting for that video to buffer. There are multiple ways of getting into the city but taking the bus is always convenient. She headed out to explore Myengdong Street on her first day which is like the Khau Gali of Seoul. The place to be for all the non-vegetarians, you get a mind-boggling variety of street food here. Everything in the city has a dose of cuteness and you can get yourself some really quirky souvenirs in the shops here.

Day 2

The second day was all about exploring the city of Seoul. She started off with a visit to the Ogyesa Buddhist Temple to take in the calming atmosphere before visiting the National Folk Museum which displays the arts and crafts of South Korea. And then it was followed by a visit to the palace to take in history. The palace even has a separate part which was just reserved for the queen. Steeped in culture, she couldn’t catch the change of guard ceremony because of bad weather but you win some and lose some, right?

Day 3

A long flight to a new country is bound to get you tired. And dozing off for a bit is quite normal and that’s the reason why the third day started off a little late. The third day heralded a visit to the N Seoul Tower which gives a gorgeous view of the city of Seoul from the top. And then it was time to visit Seoul’s Central Masjid before heading to the Dongdaemon Night Market. Now, the market was a bit tough to find because of language barriers as most people only speak in Korean. But with the help of some broken English, Google Maps and more, Kamiya finally made her way to the market. But even then, she got there a bit late and the market was just about to shut down but it still was a great experience.

Day 4

And just like that day four dawned on us which meant going on a trip to Nami Island which is famously known for its natural beauty and gorgeous ambience. 63 kilometres away from the city, you can make your way here via bus. But the fun part is getting into the island. You can get to the island by ziplining or by taking the ferry. How cool is that? Being adventurous, Kamiya obviously ziplined her way there and it was quite a fun experience! And from that point onwards, it was all about exploring the island which is lush and green and a treat for the eyes.