Kamiya Jani Heads For An Impromptu Breakfast Date With Sanjay Mishra

by Sanmita A
Kamiya Jani Heads For An Impromptu Breakfast Date With Sanjay Mishra

Kamiya Jani bumped into none other than the talented actor Sanjay Mishra and headed for an impromptu breakfast. On being asked about his breakfast plans, Kamiya Jani quickly took him to his one-upon-a-time favourite dhaba, where we cooked a delicious Bihari breakfast for Kamiya and then spoke of the bygone days, his time in Rishikesh, his opinions on education, acting and more.

Impromptu Breakfast Meal With Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra enters Guru da Dhaba in Lokhandwala, where he cooks a delicious Bihari meal. Sanjay ji describes the Pitha, a dish made of atta and mashed chana daal. The pithas are then, steamed and served hot with a nice serving of tomato chutney. He calls Guru Da Dhaba an emotional place. We all know how old places can bring back old memories. And, seems like the same was the case for Sanjay ji. Sanjay Mishra talks about how he came down to Mumbai, Bollywood dreams and how he wanted to become an actor. If you didn’t know that Sanjay Mishra also spent a specific time in his life photographing.

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Bittersweet Memories Of Sanjay Ji

Although Sanjay ji heartily agreed to accompany Kamiya Jani for breakfast, he seemed to have missed his wife. Therefore, we also had his wife join us and taste the delicious pitha that Sanjay Mishra had prepared. During the interview, he shares his time in Uttarakhand, how he landed in Mumbai, how he married his wife, and how they were meant to be. His wife, Kiran, also shares that she has watched all his movies and loves them. Sanjay ji also speaks about how Kiran knows him in and out, even while he shoots for a film. Sanjay Mishra shared a lot from his time in Mumbai, his childhood and his difficult times too, as they sat and relished a delicious thali at Guru Da Dhaba.

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