Kapil Sharma Recounts A Hilarious Incident Of Him Driving

by Mallika Khurana
Kapil Sharma Recounts A Hilarious Incident Of Him Driving

Kapil Sharma is not just a comedian; he is the star of every Indian household. His show is the only one we always look forward to watching with our whole family. Being a solid bonding factor for many families, even the reruns of the show never get boring. If that doesn’t show the power of talent, what else does? Before garnering such immense success, he was brought up in the modest lanes of Amritsar. On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, in Amritsar and took her through the various phases of his journey!

Kapil Sharma Shared A Funny Anecdote About His Driving

After sharing with us the first time he realised that he had made it big and saw his dreams turn into a reality, he shared a funny anecdote with us about the time he first started driving a car. While we passed through Amritsar Cantt., he shared that he used to ride his bike on that road often and always lowered his head to prevent banging into the crossing barrier. Even though it never hit him, he was simply habitual about lowering his head.

Funnily enough, this habit continued even after he bought a car. He noticed himself lowering his head while driving his car through the crossing and laughed out loud at his subconscious mind. It was really funny, and we are sure many of you could relate to it.

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He Played A Fun Game With Us

Kapil Sharma
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After showing us some other places from his childhood, he played an interesting game with us. We gave him some Hindi Bollywood dialogues, and he had to translate them to English for us. First, we asked him to translate “Aao sikhaun tumhe ande ka funda,‘ and he translated it to ‘Let me teach you Anda’s Funda’. Next, he translated ‘Ye duniya pittal di, hun baby doll main sone di’ to ‘This world is made of brass, and I am a baby doll‘. He translated a few more dialogues for us, and it was truly hilarious.

It was a fun episode, filled with so much insight into Kapil’s life. If you wish to know all about it, watch the full episode right away!

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