Karan Kundrra Shares Hacks On How To Cook A Gourmet Meal And Our Minds Are BLOWN

Karan Kundrra uses Snickers to jazz up his meals.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Karan Kundrra Shares Hacks On How To Cook A Gourmet Meal And Our Minds Are BLOWN

We filmed a very exciting episode of Tere Gully Mein with Karan Kundrra in Sion, Mumbai. Our anchor, Arohi Thatte, took him to all the great food places in Sion and made him remember those serene moments of a true Punjab meal from his childhood days. His girlfriend, Tejasswi Prakash, calls him ‘Daal Chawal’ but do you know what he can cook for a gourmet meal? Read on to learn what and why this was his gourmet meal.

According To Karan Kundrra, This Is A Gourmet Meal

At the end of the video, we played a fun game called ‘Never Have I Ever’. Karan Kundrra had to drink a sip of his strong kokam soda from Sadguru Juice Centre in Sion every time he had done or been in the situations mentioned by Arohi. She asked him if Karan Kundrra had ever cooked a gourmet meal. He replied, “Dal chawal gourmet…” and started laughing. Arohi suggested that it could be a gourmet meal if he made it interestingly and plated it nicely. Isn’t it interesting that his girlfriend calls him ‘Dal Chawal’?

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He Shared Its Unique Recipe. Would You Try It?

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Karan Kundrra jazzed up his gourmet meal and then went on to share what exactly he would do. He said that he would chop up a bar of Snickers, melt it and plate the melted Snickers at the end of the plate and then take up whatever food you ordered from delivery apps, like Ras Malai and plate it in the middle. All this while Arohi had been sceptical as to where he was heading with this dish. 

He continued that you check your refrigerator, take whatever is left and sprinkle it on top of the dish. Karan even mentioned clearly that it is better to take the chocolates that expired four years ago because that is when the real taste comes in. We can evidently see he is great with improvisation and we fell into his trap again! 

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