Karan Kundrra: Tejasswi Prakash Will Leave Me For…

Tejasswi loves someone else, a little more than she loves Karan.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Karan Kundrra: Tejasswi Prakash Will Leave Me For…

If your teen years were spent watching Channel V and MTV India, then you know who Karan Kundrra is. He has been ruling the hearts of teens and adults for more than a decade or so. From TV serials to reality shows to films, his talent and the chocolate boy image don’t tarnish. On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, he joined our anchor, Arohi Thatte, in Sion, Mumbai. He also spilled the beans on why his girlfriend, Tejasswi Prakash, would leave him—hypothetically, of course.

Tejasswi Prakash Would Break Up With Karan Kundrra For This Reason!

We enjoyed delicious lassi and Amritsari chhole kulcha at Sion’s Chawla Fast Food. Karan Kundrra was slightly going into a food coma after relishing such yummy Langer and more Punjabi food items. We loved to see it! Suddenly, Arohi asked who was a bigger foodie between him and Tejasswi Prakash. He immediately replied, “Her, her, her. Mujhe chord degi voh khaane ke liye.” (She will break up with me for food.)

Karan Kundrra continued to tell us that she would be alright after that and would probably say, “No worries.”. He assured us by saying, “Banta bhi hai uska,” for being with food and not him. What a cute, fun-loving and lovey-dovey couple, giving us all the ‘goals’ and ‘Me and Who’ moments right around Valentine’s Day.

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When Are They Getting Married? Shh…

karan kundraa
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Tejasswi Prakash might find solace in her food after her break-up with Karan Kundrra but we couldn’t find solace. Why? Because we, Curly Tales, and the entire nation want to know when they are getting married. Arohi even went on to mention that they have hinted at marriage for a very long time. It was time to let the crazy fans of TejRan, their ship name, know the truth.

We could see a little smile taking over Karan Kundrra’s face. He did give us a date, October 6. We know he is the master of improvisation and ended up giving a very witty answer and we couldn’t help but laugh along. It was not for his wedding but for the release date of his new film, ‘Thank You For Coming’. Well played, Karan.

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