Karan Kundrra Visits THIS Gurudwara In Sion Koliwada For The First Time With Curly Tales

Karan Kundrra wanted to visit this Gurudwara since the last 15 years…

by Ankita Mazumdar
Karan Kundrra Visits THIS Gurudwara In Sion Koliwada For The First Time With Curly Tales

Yesterday, Karan Kundrra was in the news again. This time it was not something he did, rather, he was a victim of a robbery. He expressed his happiness regarding purchasing a car, the HM Contessa, in an Instagram post but unfortunately, it got stolen from his garage within a day! He never goes out of sight of eagle-eyed peeps and, well, thieves as well. On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Karan Kundrra met our anchor, Arohi Thatte, in Sion, Mumbai. They began the episode by seeking blessings and eating langar from this popular Gurudwara here.

Curly Tales Made Karan Kundrra Finally Visit This Gurudwara In Sion

We met Karan Kundrra right outside Sion Koliwada’s Gurudwara Shri Dashmesh Darbar and he was elated to be here. He shared that it is his first time here and that he has heard so much about this Gurudwara but never got the chance to visit it. He mentioned he has lived in Mumbai for the past 15 years but never took the time to visit Sion Koliwada’s Gurudwara Shri Dashmesh Darbar!

Cut to Curly Tales making Karan go to this gurudwara in Sion, finally. In a soft voice, he told us that the langar at all gurudwaras is extremely yummy. Arohi jokingly asked if he was here to seek blessings or eat langar. He became a little serious and replied that it doesn’t feel right if you skip langar after seeking blessings from a Gurudwara. Then, just as we were entering, he told us that he was here for langar.

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Now It Was Time For Langar

karan kundraa
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Karan Kundrra urged Arohi to go for langar after they were done seeking blessings and enjoying the quietness of a gurudwara. They each took their langar plates, sat, and feasted. He felt a particular calmness while gorging on the yummy langar here. He told us that this langar cannot be found anywhere.

Karan also mentioned that the langar tastes the same throughout all Gurudwaras. He continued by saying that there may be little variation in flavour, but it is a wholesome feeling to eat langar at a gurudwara.

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Let us know if you enjoy eating langar at a gurudwara.

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