Kerala RTC Offers 2-Day NY Excursion To Wayanad’s 900 Kandi Eco Park At Just ₹3,300 Per Person

Celebrate your New Year at Wayanad's 900 Kandi Eco Park among the wilderness. Here are the details about cost, dates and more!

by Shreya Rathod
Kerala RTC Offers 2-Day NY Excursion To Wayanad’s 900 Kandi Eco Park At Just ₹3,300 Per Person

New Year is approaching and if you haven’t planned anything, there is a place in Kerala which won’t disappoint you. In Wayanad, among the wilderness is the beautiful 900 Kandi Eco Park. And it is offering a 2-day excursion for just ₹3,300 per person!

Wayanad’s 900 Kandi Eco Park Is Offering New Year Excursion

900 kandi eco park wayanand
Credits: 900 Kandi Eco Park/ Facebook

You need not worry more about where to spend New Year’s Eve. The two-day New Year’s excursion to the Wayanad area has been brilliantly planned by the budget tourist branch of Palakkad KSRTC. On New Year’s Eve, the trip will begin, and it will end on January 1. The bus departs Palakkad around five in the morning and arrives back in the evening. The package includes lodging, two meals, and activities for New Year’s Eve.

The “New Year @ 900 Kandi” tour will include popular tourist destinations such as Banasura Sagar Dam, Kuruva Island, En Ooru, Soochipara waterfalls, and 900 Kandi. The vacation also includes activities on New Year’s Eve, such as an overnight stay at 900 Kandi and a DJ party. This excursion costs ₹3300 per person and can accommodate up to 40 persons. Authorities from the KSRTC budget tourism cell report that tickets are selling quickly.

This special area of pure woodland, which doubles as an environmental park, is tucked away in Wayanad’s dense forest. We are referring to 900 Kandi or the green paradise, which is all about experiencing nature up close and personal.

It was formerly known as Thollayiram Kandi, from the words Thollayiram, which means “900,” and Kandi, which means “patch of land.” In essence, this is 900 acres of pristine landscape with breathtaking views. The verdancy here at 900 Kandi can perhaps be too much to take in.

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Forest Converted Into A Park

900 kandi eco park wayanand
Credits: 900 Kandi Eco Park/ Facebook

When a forest is converted into an eco-park, what precisely do you get? You receive 900 Kandi, though, if you treat nature with care and make an effort to preserve it as much as you can. They’ve made an effort to preserve the atmosphere of being in the woods at 900 Kandi. Your trip to the “Kandi” ought to be obvious. Along the 900 Kandi trip, you will get the opportunity to off-road through thick forests, waterfalls, swamps, and winding through tiny forest tracks.

When you think you’ve had your fill of adrenaline, you’re suddenly in the heart of the forest, high above the forested hills, and you’re almost in a state of shock from the beauty that surrounds you. The 900 Kandi glass bridge offers an amazing skywalk experience, so those who are afraid of heights might want to stay back. From here, you can experience Wayanad’s wilderness in a way that is unlike anything else.

Check out the hiking paths once you’ve descended from the glass skywalk and are prepared to walk the ground again. Wayanad jungle hiking offers several exciting experiences. And when we say adventures, we mean numerous unplanned encounters with spooky creatures. For people who adore everything herp-related, it’s fantastic.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Kerala Tourism/ Website

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