Khalid Al Ameri Is A Foodie; Says Food A ‘Window To Community & Culture’ | Curly Tales

by Anupriya Mishra
Khalid Al Ameri Is A Foodie; Says Food A ‘Window To Community & Culture’ | Curly Tales

If you are privy to the hilarious skits put forwards by the Emirati YouTuber, Khalid Al Ameri, then you already know how hilarious and relatable he is. Besides these funny skits, he also posts heart-warming vlogs with his family that are sure to put a smile on the viewer’s face. And on a recent episode of the Curly Tales Sunday Brunch, this popular YouTuber talked about a range of topics with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. Here’s a little snippet from the interesting interview.

Window To Community & Culture – Khalid Al Ameri

While feasting on a drool-worthy plate of biryani at his favourite restaurant for biryani, Pak Liyari Restaurant in Dubai, he was quick to admit that he is a foodie. Confessing his love for food with a dazzling smile, he said, “It’s a window into a community, a culture.” This is hardly surprising coming from him, as just before saying these words, he also said that food is something that makes him happy. Now, isn’t this an absolutely heartwarming response that you would expect from him? Well, talking more about food, he said that he has previously learnt a lot about the culture of the place through the food served there. And he has also admitted that some of the most fascinating places he has been to have also offered the most fascinating food as well!

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He Talked About His Personal Life & Growing Up Days In Abu Dhabi

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While taking a stroll through the lanes of Dubai, this Emirati YouTuber also got talking about his days growing up in Abu Dhabi and even talked about growing up in a culturally mixed household, as his mom is Scottish. Elaborating about his childhood days, Khalid Al Ameri said that it was a childhood free of technology and he felt that it was a blessing! He also admitted to being into sports during that time. Not to mention, he also took Kamiya Jani along for a walk in the Old Dubai area and the world’s biggest ring!

Doesn’t it all sound absolutely fascinating? Well, the entire interview is pretty entertaining and this is hardly surprising, as he is a charming personality.

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